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December 2017

A round up and saying goodbye to 2017

Handmade by Caroline Label

These last few months of 2017 have flown by and come the 1st of December I had to make a very big effort to slow time right down. Christmas is my very favourite season of the year and I wanted to soak up every last little drop of the festivities.

In October I started a Christmas gift blanket and finished in good time to get it wrapped and under the tree leaving me to enjoy slow and relaxed stitching during December.

We organised a village Halloween party which was a fabulous success and such fun. I'll try put a post together with decorating, catering and games ideas in plenty time for next Halloween.

I also hosted a trick or treat with hot dogs and wine (for the adults!) at home on the 3rd of November for my lovely neighbour who wasn't able to bring her boys on the 31st.
We attended a fireworks night at a friend, and although I have a love/hate for fireworks, it was pretty spectacular.

At the end of November, Stuart and I took the train up to Edinburgh for a long weekend and my mums birthday. We had the most beautiful weather, and treated ourselves to afternoon tea in Edinburgh Castle, mum to birthday shoes and a coat, and a day in the Christmas market.

December has been pretty busy and I have been following along with Ali Edwards, December Daily project to record our festive adventures.

And now I'm looking at closing the book on 2017. Thinking about the holidays and trips we've taken, the memories we've made and so importantly, the memories I have recorded in my Carpe Diem memory planner. This method of memory recording has worked so well for me!

I will share my 2017 projects over the remaining days of this year and what's happening in 2018.

C xx