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Marlee Socks Voila

Marlee socks 2
Marlee socks 2
Marlee socks 2
Marlee socks 2

Love, love, love, these super soft and slouchy socks by CabinFour called Marlee socks. I took the yarn and needles with me to Edinburgh Yarn Fest and although I was too distracted looking at everyone else's beautiful knit wear at the fest to knit even a single stitch, I did make good progress on the train home.

This is the third pair of socks I have knit. I'm a fan of plain socks in plain colours, although I think the effect of self striping sock yarn is pretty cool, I'm not keen on the multicolour yarn. But I do like mis-matched socks so I'll need to give that a try soon.

A few details:
These knit up quickly with Quince & Co Chickadee yarn on 3.25mm needles.
The pattern is easy to follow, well written and there is a row count for the rib cuff and leg. I found the rows very easy to count with this yarn. I always prefer a row count to an inch/cm length reference.
I did make a note of the row count for the foot of my sock so I can refer back. If I make some for dear husband (who incidentally has already asked for a pair) I will note the row count for his size too.

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Always on the hunt for sock patterns :)

C xx