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April 2017

Sock mania

And joining Craft On with Frontier Dreams

Craft on 20 04 17

On Monday I finished the second pair of Marlee Socks and cast on pair 3 which are for darling husband. He is getting contrast colour toes on his.

I think this could be the year of the sock!

In the evenings though I am working on the ranger cardigan and it's now knitting up pretty quickly. It may even be done by the end of April!

Happy day!

C xx

Two different projects

And crafting on with Frontier Dreams

Yarnalong 06 04 17

I have been working on two very different projects. A ranger cardigan for dear husband and socks (for me). I have never managed to knit two different things as once. Normally if I cast on something new the first project is abandoned until the new project is finished and then (hopefully) I pick it up again. But I needed a more portable project while I tackle the looooong rows of the ranger cardi now that the sleeves have been joined to the body.

I also like to keep a project together, ie all the yarn, the working piece and a bag of notions. So carrying the cardi into work each day (I'm a lunch time knitter) was getting rather tedious. Now it stays at home and it's my evening TV knitting project and the socks travel with me. This is another pair of Marlee Socks, I shared pair one on the blog last week.

My lovely husband gifted me a $200 voucher for Brooklyn Tweed last week and I am itching to spend it! What a great gift :)

C xx

Marlee Socks Voila

Marlee socks 2
Marlee socks 2
Marlee socks 2
Marlee socks 2

Love, love, love, these super soft and slouchy socks by CabinFour called Marlee socks. I took the yarn and needles with me to Edinburgh Yarn Fest and although I was too distracted looking at everyone else's beautiful knit wear at the fest to knit even a single stitch, I did make good progress on the train home.

This is the third pair of socks I have knit. I'm a fan of plain socks in plain colours, although I think the effect of self striping sock yarn is pretty cool, I'm not keen on the multicolour yarn. But I do like mis-matched socks so I'll need to give that a try soon.

A few details:
These knit up quickly with Quince & Co Chickadee yarn on 3.25mm needles.
The pattern is easy to follow, well written and there is a row count for the rib cuff and leg. I found the rows very easy to count with this yarn. I always prefer a row count to an inch/cm length reference.
I did make a note of the row count for the foot of my sock so I can refer back. If I make some for dear husband (who incidentally has already asked for a pair) I will note the row count for his size too.

Please note, opinions here are my own and I have not received anything for these comments

Always on the hunt for sock patterns :)

C xx