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Yarnalong 29 03 17

I finally managed to get a better 'natural light' photograph of darling husbands Ranger cardigan. We had a little hiccup this week, when I knit 10 rows of 'short row' pattern and then made a mistake and couldn't fix it (I did try!) and had to unknit (then rip out) the 10 rows and start again.

Anyway, last night I got to the point where I join the sleeves to the body and as it was nearly 10pm (and close to my bed time) I decided to leave that for another day. I will life line all three pieces before I start. Just in case!

In between, I'm knitting another pair of Marlee Socks. There is a Voila post coming next week of pair number 1. This is a nice portable project and one that I can knit as few as 16 stitches in a spare moment :)

Looking forward to another inspiring day following yarn crafters.

C xx