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Crafting with Felt Balls - Part 1 of 2

Felt mobile 1

Felt mobile 2

Felt mobile 3

Felt mobile 4

Felt mobile 5

Felt mobile 6

I have only recently discovered creating with wool roving and felt. And I am thoroughly enjoying it.

In December I made a little needle felted Santa to go in a mini wreath and after Christmas I sat down to make some gifts (yes I'm good at making Christmas gifts after Christmas!!) with felt balls. I wanted to make the balls myself but having found Wool Felt Company I discovered that it was cheaper and easier to buy them!

For these hanging mobiles I used:
Felt balls (20mm)
Embroidery thread
Driftwood (bought off eBay)
A drill (thank you dear husband for drilling the holes for me)
A thin, sharp, long needle

Top tip:
If you're new to 'knotting' take some time to do a little research before you start. I have a few pins on my JEWELLERY MAKING Pinterest board that are worth looking at.

I won't reinvent the wheel by doing a step by step as there are so many wonderful tutorials and videos on the internet already. However any questions, please shout and I will help!

I didn't want to bundle too much on one post so look out for a part 2 project next month.

Happy day.
C xx

Easy knitting

And joining Ginny for yarnalong

Yarnalong 22 02 17

I'm flipping between long body of the cardigan rows and shorter sleeve of the cardigan rounds this week. The stitch pattern has become easier now and although I need to (and I do need to) mark off my rounds for the sleeves, things are progressing nicely and I'm so enjoying this make. I'm not great at knitting for other people because I get annoyed knowing it will be given away at the end, but at least this cardigan isn't going far.

It looks very grey in this photo and I blame artificial light. I can't wait to photograph this one outside! The colour is just wonderful and I'm not normally a brown person.

On the second half of my Wilbur Smith book, Pharaoh, and I'm starting to panic about it ending. Although I do have my next book lined up next to my bed and I am looking forward to re reading this one so it's not all bad news :)

Thanks for stopping by!

C xx 

Brushed Fleece Alpine Throw

Fleece blanket 1

Fleece blanket 2

Fleece blanket 3

Fleece blanket 4

Fleece blanket 5

Now that this throw is finished, I can say that I love it and I loved making it. And I will make it again. This bit shocks me most because I really did have a job getting my fingers co-ordinated and I didn't enjoy it begin with.

Here are some details:
I used Rowan brushed fleece in crag (grey) and cove (cream). The pattern calls for 7 balls, I needed another 1 and a bit balls. I didn't manage to get the same dye lot and forgot to alternate rows (rolleyes) so there is a slight difference that hopefully isn't visible to the untrained (ie a non knitters) eye.
Needle size, 6mm circular.
It took just over 6 weeks to make, but actually should have only taken about 3. This was me dithering with the snowflakes (another rolleyes).
Pattern is from Simply knitted with love by my dear friends Daniella and Linda.

Just a note on the yarn:
This is my third project using brushed fleece and this was by far the worst batch of yarn I have ever used. It broke. Just broke apart. Thankfully this yarn works SO well with the magic knot as there are many joins. And this could account for the extra ball (and a bit) that I needed. It was very frustrating and annoying. I must just confirm that I didn't have this issue with the cardigan or jacket I have made with this yarn. Bad batch of yarn.....perhaps.

A tip:
I used thread bobbins for the snowflake yarn to prevent getting in an even bigger mess than I felt like I was in.

There are such wonderful patterns in this little book, great for gifts. As this throw was.

Thanks as always for visiting.
C xx

Knitting and watching on my yarnalong

And joining Ginny for a yarnalong

Yarnalong 15 02 17

I'm making good progress on dear husband cardigan. I love the stitch! And Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn is such a pleasure to knit with.

I'm knitting while watching American Gothic through Amazon Prime. I started it today after finishing 'That Girl' which was such a sweet show although, wow, how crap were woman treated 50 years ago!!

Of course I still have my Wilbur Smith book on the go. And still really enjoying it.

Counting down to Edinburgh Yarn Festival next month!!

C xx

Hippy happypotamous


This was the second of only two crochet projects I made in 2016 and this is the ONLY photo I have of it! Oh boy this was such fun to make. It was so exciting to watch it take shape from his back legs to the tip of the nose. The join as you go is the only way to make this, in my opinion, I would have been totally fed up after making all the 'flowers' to then have to join it up.

So here are the details:
The pattern was bought off Ravelry. There is also a rhino, giraffe, some dinosaurs and many many more. Such wonderful creations.
The pattern is very comprehensive with wonderful diagrams and detailed instructions. A lot of work has gone into writing them.
I used oddments of Scheepjes sunkissed and cotton 8.
And a 2.5mm crochet hook. You want it to be tight so the stuffing doesn't come out.

My only tip for this project is to really squeeze and 'play' with the toy before sewing in the last piece. I found that the stuffing shrank slightly and I had to unpick to stuff more in. I also didn't stuff his back legs and shoulders enough so he wasn't a good shape. After the work it took to make him, it was worth making sure he looked like a hippo!

He was a gift for my cousins little boy and I had a real job to parcel him up as I just wanted him for me :)

C xx

Making good progress

And joining a yarnalong with Ginny

Yarnalong 08 02 17

It's not usual for me to be working on two projects at once but right now I am.
I'm on block 38 of 40 of the cotton throw, the second intarsia block. I'm slightly addicted to colourwork, which I never thought I would say! There are ends to sew in, blocking to be done and then a few decisions to make. Do I sew it together or crochet it together? Do I knit a border that can be attached or pick up stitches and knit a border? Or do I crochet the border? So many unanswered questions.
This week I made a start on dear husbands cardigan. It's a knit in one piece item, so each row is pretty long. The rib band is almost complete and then it's a bit more interesting with a drop stitch textured pattern. I'm using Brooklyn Tweed shelter in Truffle Hunt colour way. This yarn comes alive in natural light with tiny flecks of blue that pop out every now and then.

Enjoying and loving Pharaoh by Wilbur Smith.

Thanks for popping by!

C xx 

Nordic Wind Shawl Voila

Nordic wind shawl 4

Nordic wind shawl 3

Nordic wind shawl 2

Nordic wind shawl 5

This was the last project I completed in 2016. And perhaps my wait there were too many lovely makes to have just one favourite. But this is really one of the best. Maybe it's the colour. I do love a bit of grey!

Lets talk details:
The pattern is Nordic Wind by Cabinfour which I bought off Ravelry.
Made with Lettlopi, I used colours black heather, dark grey heather, light ash heather and ash heather.
I knitted until I ran out of each colour, thankfully I didn't need to play yarn roulette as it was obvious when I wouldn't have enough for another row.
I used a 5.5mm 32 inch ADDI premium circular needle. Definitely my favourite shawl needle.

This is a great addition to my wardrobe! A wear with anything item. And an item worn so much already in 2017.

C xx

The final 5

And joining Ginny for yarnalong

Yarnalong 07 02 17

I'm on the 5th to last block of the cotton throw and it's the last solid colour block with cables. I was undecided on the background colour for the final 4 blocks (which are all the same), so I only got around to ordering it yesterday. These are intarsia blocks so I'm really looking forward to doing them. Can't quite believe I just said that!

My book, Pharaoh, by Wilbur Smith is so good. I am enjoying and savouring each and every page. I'm sure this book will be on my yarnalong posts for a while :)

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to this week.

C xx