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A little Katia scarf voila

Katia shawl 1

Katia shawl 4

Katia shawl 3

Katia shawl 5

I only did two crochet projects in 2016 and this is one of them. The pattern was free with the yarn from the Hitchin Festiwool that I attended in November. It was a real fast make and would make a great gift.

Here are the details:
The yarn is Katia Polaris which is 100% acrylic. I don't usually work with acrylic but I really liked the look and feel of this yarn.
The pattern was free with the yarn and is available on their website as a free download.
I used a 5mm hook that the woman at the stall recommended. The pattern states 3.5mm which was way too small when I tried it.

I used the holeless (can that be a word?) method of turning for the first time and WOW what a difference it made to the edges of my work. Here is the tutorial I used.

This little scarf has slipped into my work wardrobe so well. It's perfect to keep the chill off my shoulders in the air conditioned office and gets a lovely compliment every time I wear it! Win win :)

C xx

Motivated to finish

And yarnalong with Ginny

Yarnalong 25 01 17

I am motivated to finish the Debbie Bliss cotton throw that I started and shared throughout 2016. You can see a couple of posts here and here. I have 9 blocks left to make and am motivated to get it done.

Why the motivation? Well I have finally decided on a décor theme for my home and this throw is going to fit so well into the living room that I want it finished. It's taken me a long time to find a style and I've spent a lot of years trying to be something I'm not. I wanted to be shabby chic/farmhouse vintage and although I love both those styles I need to go back to my roots. I am African at heart and I need to reflect that style in my home. So I'm changing things up and actually loving the process. I'll share my thoughts on this when I can put them in some order.

Farmhouse shawl has fringe and has been blocked and I am wearing it today (I LOVE THIS SHAWL!!). Will share soon.

I started Pharaoh by Wilbur Smith last week. I do love his writing (maybe it's the whole Africa thing again) and this Egypt series is so good. A little far fetched but fabulous!

I've just noticed that there is a whole lot of love in this post! Haha

C xx 

Finishing off

Yarnalong 18 01 17

And joining yarnalong with Ginny

Today I finished off securing the ends on the brushed fleece throw. The second set of snowflakes are much neater and were finished much quicker than the first. This was a good learning project and I'm a little attached to it now, not great when it needs to be wrapped up to gift as a late Christmas present! I will take photos first though and share soon.

The Rowan hand knit cotton in my basket is for a cotton throw made up of squares that I talked about at the beginning of 2016. In fact a basket filled with the full balls of yarn popped up on my facebook memories today, I must have just been starting it. So the cotton throw is a work in progress but it's been a pleasure to knit and I'm not in a hurry to finish it.

The farmhouse shawl I was working on last week is also done, well the knitting is, it needs a fringe and blocking. That will happen over the weekend.

And dear husband is desperate for his cardigan so I will begin on Sunday. I'm so looking forward to starting it as it's more yummy Brooklyn Tweed (link in side bar) yarn.

I finished We are all completely beside ourselves. It had a good twist and was nicely written but I really wanted a happier ending that we were given. Although a happy ending would have been fantasy so really it couldn't happen. I can't give anything away because that would totally spoil it so I'll leave it there!

Happy Wednesday
C xx

One little word - A year long journey

One little word 2017 2

Do you know Ali Edwards? If you don't, you need to! I have long admired her style of memory keeping and life documenting and although I have joined in by choosing 'one little word' each year, I haven't ever documented the journey. When she offered a REALLY good shipping rate on the one little word kits I thought it was a great opportunity to do just that. So I signed up for the class, ordered my kit and set about choosing my word.

For me the process usually starts in October, when I watch the garden die back and the leaves fall off the trees, I reflect on the year that has passed, and what changes I want to make to the way I live my life. Sometimes the word is influenced by a book, one year I chose Gratitude as my word after reading The Secret, and wrote one thing I was grateful for each day in my diary. Boy did that make me realise just how many good things I have in my life! 2016's word came to me after I started seeing a counsellor at the end of 2015.

This year my word came about as a sat with a pen and paper and did some word association, starting with my 2016 word, ENOUGH. After being drawn to a word, I thought I would mull it over for a few days. And then when I started to see it everywhere (!!) I knew it was the right one for me.


For two years running I have also worn my word. Last year I had a hand stamped silver pebble on a chain and this year I have a silver bar on a chain. Both are from the online shop Tiny Silver.

I will share my pages and story on the blog and also instagram under hashtag;cjmonelittleword throughout the year.

One little word 2017 3

The kit has arrived and it is FAB! I have printed off the first lesson. I'm ready to GO! Ready to SHINE!

C xx

Good vibes voila

Good vibes 5

Good vibes 5

Good vibes 5

Good vibes 5

Good vibes 5

Aaah hello good vibes shawl, how lovely you are! Another gorgeous creation from Nadia at NCL Knits. This shawl took me a while to finish thanks to a broken needle half way through and Christmas knits that took priority. Although I was itching to get it done, and I'm so glad that I did manage to finish it in 2016.

So here are some details:
I used BFL singles by The Uncommon Thread in colours Seascape and Chrome, a skein of each.
ADDI Premium circular needle size 4mm. This wasn't the needle I started with but I am slowly changing all my circs to ADDI. They are amazing!
The pattern is easy to follow but I do recommend reading it through including the abbreviations before you start. I thankfully didn't make a mistake with the short row turns, but I think that was pure luck and it could have gone wrong!
Another tip with this pattern is to write out and mark off the rows, especially if you swop and change between projects. I found it easy to put down and pick up because I knew exactly where I was in the pattern.

It blocked beautifully and is a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

Thanks for visiting and sharing my yarn journey!

C xx

Getting back on track

and joining Ginny for yarnalong

Yarnalong 11 01 17

I'm working on the Farmhouse shawl by Cabinfour (pattern is on Ravelry). It's a lovely knit and I'm getting to use some yummy Brooklyn Tweed yarn that has been on my wish list FOREVER.

I ran out of yarn for the brushed fleece throw that I showed last week. I knew it was going to happen and thankfully I found another ball at Wool Warehouse. It's not the same dye lot but as it's the rows in between snowflakes, I'll make it blend. That's my project to finish this weekend.

I'm nearing the end of 'We are all completely beside ourselves', and still sure that I'm going to be disappointed with the end.

We're due some cold weather and perhaps a spattering (some areas slightly more) of snow!!

Happy day
C xx

A Whispering Island Gift

WI shawl 2 photo 1

WI shawl 2 photo 2

WI shawl 2 photo 3

WI shawl 2 photo 4

WI shawl 2 photo 5

I think this could be my favourite knit when it comes to shawls. The Whispering Island Shawl by Helen Stewart is just a pleasure to knit. There is nothing over complicating in the pattern however that doesn't mean the result is anything but wonderful. I made this shawl in grey for myself in 2015 and when I was looking for a gift idea for my cousin this popped into my head straight away. I used Blacker Yarns again, in the most wonderful shade of red. For me the colour is most accurate in the last photo, but your screen may be different.

So a few details for you:
The pattern, as stated in my other post, is so well written with a handy tick list of rows and % of how far you are. The percentage is calculated on the total number of stitches not rows, which is so clever.
I used a 5.5mm needle (up on the pattern recommendation)
This took 5 balls of yarn.
Because of the change in needle size it is a bit 'drapier' than my original one.

It was tough to wrap it up and gift for Christmas!

C xx


A little late

And joining Ginny on a yarn along

Yarnalong 04 01 17

Back in mid December I knew I wouldn't finish the brushed fleece throw I had started for my niece for Christmas. A total lack of confidence in my knitting ability meant that I just couldn't do the intarsia snowflakes that make this little throw special. I debated knitting in some cream stripes just to use up the yarn, but couldn't bring myself to waste time and money by fudging it.

So I put it down and picked up a project that I was itching to finish. After a little while I came back to the throw, faced my fear and as if by magic, I managed to do it. Now I was back on a roll but too late to finish in time for gifting at Christmas.

It's so easy to think we can't do or achieve something, to think we aren't capable. This needs to change to, I am, and I can and I will!

Still reading We are all completely beside ourselves, and I think I'm still enjoying it although I fear I will come to the end without the story really having become something. Lets see.

Thank you for visiting and I wish you all the very best for a healthy and successful 2017!

C xx

PS. I tidied my TO MAKE list and I have 6 items that I would like to finish by the end of March.