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December 2016

Straying way off the path

And yarning along with Ginny

Yarnalong 14 12 16

Aarrgghh, I am so off plan and don't seem to be panicking yet which is a worry. I've not started the 22 rows of intarsia on the brushed fleece throw yet, although I have had my lesson and very confident in the whole twisting thing (I've been twisting in my ends as I knit on the latest project.

So I'm on colour four (the final colour) of the Nordic shawl and really excited for this one to be off the needle. I think it's the perfect January shawl! Shades of winter.

Still reading, and enjoying, We are Completely Beside Ourselves. Lots of late nights means very little bed time reading.

And this weekend I will be cracking on with the brushed fleece throw!

Happy day. C xx


Mini Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreath 1

Christmas wreath 2

Christmas wreath 3

Christmas wreath 4

I have spent way too much time out of my craft room over the past few years, but this autumn I felt a pull back into it. Maybe it's the reshuffle of the room reminding me about the really cool crafting supplies I own, or the many hours I've spent on Pinterest pinning really cool stuff that I wanted to make. The creative juices have been bubbling over and I've loved every minute.

In an attempt to use up some of my odd half yarn balls I thought yarn wrapped polystyrene rings was a great idea. Embellishing options are endless and I was torn between pom poms, needle felting, crochet snow flakes and knitted robins. Actually I'm really keen to make seasonal and occasional wreaths so I can just change them up every few months!!

So here is some detail:
The polystyrene rings are from Hobbycraft.
Yarn is Rowan cocoon (grey and green) and Rowan creative focus worsted (red) left overs.
The bells came from eBay and the ribbon from my stash.
The santa is needle felted using wool roving from Art Van Go in Knebworth
The little tree is from Tim Holtz Christmas collection adorned with tiny beads individually stuck on (!!!)

Christmas wreath 5

Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration! And thanks for visiting.

C xx

Slow and steady

And joining Ginny for yarnalong

Yarnalong 7 12 19

Last night I finished my in between project. I didn't mean to because I really should be cracking on with Christmas gift knitting, but the end was so close and I wanted to tick something off the list of projects that I wanted finished by the end of 2016. This shawl was a late addition to the list along with at least 4 other projects!

So today I cast on a new project. One that was added to the list last night. I'm not very good at sticking to a plan, am I?? Anyway, my lovely work colleague gave me a lesson on intarsia and I managed it just fine although my fingers are a bit all over the place. The pattern for the brushed fleece throw is 22 rows over 115 stitches and I feel more comfortable doing it at home where I can lay the chart out and literally count each stitch as I go. It made sense therefore to have another in between project that I can work on in my lunch hour or in the car, and that it the Nordic Wind shawl by Cabinfour.

Not much reading done this week, and still on We're all Completely Beside Ourselves. I'm not desperate to read it which is a bad sign that I'm not that into it. But I will persevere.

I have two shawls to block this week. A Christmas gift and the one above. I love the blocking process! It's so rewarding.

Happy day.

C xx

Craft/Office/Gym room *progress*

Craft room 1

Craft room 2

Craft room 3

Craft room 4

Craft room 5

I wanted to do an inspirational post about the reorganisation of our craft/office/gym room, with before, during and after photos, but in truth I'm not sure if this room will ever be totally done. Things go out, things come in, projects are started and there is always some activity going on. So I thought I would just share the room as it is now, and please note that this is after a big change up to fit the new gym equipment in.

Pinterest has literally changed my life when it comes to getting organised. There are so many great ideas out there and I love to gather lots of information to work out the best plan for organising. I did this for our coat cupboard (small/tiny room off the entrance hall) refit that we did earlier this year. We lived with a very UNfunctional space for our coats and shoes, for over ten years!! It was only when I had gathered ideas and planned what I needed to buy and how much work was involved did we start work. That cupboard is now SO functional and has stayed neat and tidy since it's refit.

Now, the coat cupboard refit was easy in respect of the stuff that needed to be organised. My craft room is not easy AT ALL because my stash changes (and grows) all the time. In the autumn I can't resist buying yarn to add a couple of new shawls and jumpers/cardigans to my woolly wardrobe. I also buy scrapbooking supplies that will convert into a Journal Your Christmas album. So stash needs to be stored before being converted and some will move out the room (knitted items) and some will stay but in a new 'form' (album).

One of the organisation products I love, especially for yarn, are the Drona boxes that fit in my expedit unit. Both are from IKEA and although they don't make the expedit any longer they do have an alternative, Kallax. At £2.50, the Drona box is so affordable and surprisingly strong. We have one that is packed with CDs, and although we do carry and move it carefully, the bottom hasn't fallen out of it! I would also like to get some Flarra mini chests to separate out supplies for needle felting and embroidery. And I would like a slightly larger desk!

As I work on optimising the space and functionality of my scrapping corner, especially as I will spend time here making over the festive season, I'll be sure to share more detail and ideas.

Until then, happy creating!
C xx

The in between project

And joining Ginny for yarnalong.

Yarnalong 01 12 16

I finished Christmas gift no.3 on Sunday and then on Monday I started no.4. I worked on it for two evenings and got to the intarsia bit. I'm dithering with this because although I have done a class it was a while ago and I then didn't do any afterwards. So I need a refresher, and luckily I have a work colleague who is going to show me tomorrow. In the mean time I am working on Good Vibes shawl. I love this shawl and can't wait to finish, although it seems to be a bit of an 'in between' project that I can easily pick up and put down. I'm on stripe 6 of 7.

Currently reading We are all Completely Beside Ourselves, by Karen Joy Fowler. I thought I had read it before, and was pretty convinced I had all the way through chapter 1. Then I read chapter 2 and thought that maybe I hadn't. And after chapter 3 I'm pretty sure I haven't! I think I read the back a few too many times, lol.

Happy December!
C xx