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November 2016

Cracking on with Christmas knitting

And joining Ginny for yarnalong. I'm late this week!

Yarnalong 24 11 16

Our charity knitting is done and everything will be dropped off to the organiser at the end of the week. It has been a great experience and I'm so proud of what we've achieved.

So now I'm focusing on Christmas knitting. This is project three of ten that I've planned to make. Not panicking yet! It's a beautiful Alpaca yarn from Town End Alpaca, that I bought at Hitchin Festiwool. I'll be sure to share the finished project with pattern details after Christmas.

I finished Knitlandia last night. It was so lovely to read all about the Edinburgh Yarn Festival that I'm planning on visiting next March. So excited about this event!!
I've not decided what to read next, my little TO READ pile is not very inspiring right now so I'll need to get some recommendations from this weeks yarnalong posts.

Thanks for stopping by.

C xx

The change in season

Autumn 2016 change of season

Autumn is in full swing here in Hertfordshire. Trees are glowing red, orange and yellow and we have been blessed with some beautiful bright blue skies. But I have been feeling uneasy. The change from summer into autumn and winter throws me off my routine and I feel closed in and anxious.

Growing up, I didn't see much change in the seasons. It was hot, bloody hot, or warm all year round in Durban, South Africa. When we arrived in the UK in 1999, I was so excited and in awe of the real obvious change in season that I didn't ever feel the darkness closing in around me. Exactly when that started to happen I couldn't tell you but I have been very aware of it for a few years now.

It's like falling down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole! It's dark and damp and I'm never sure which way is up, there is no end in sight. The notion of having no way to stop the fall and try climb back out is really frightening.

This year has been particularly hard and I am just starting to see the light again and regaining some order. Tidying and sorting and purging has helped, and I'm celebrating the victories and ignoring what is still left to do. I'm seeing clear spaces that will soon be filled with Christmas décor and that is going some way to making me feel festive and a bit merry.
My Get to Work Book is my trusty companion during these unsettled days. Giving myself a daily task.....1 load of washing, put shopping bags in the car, clear/clean lounge side table. Basic tasks and just one a night. But each one important.

Some slow and easy crafting has helped too. Of course it has! A crochet project that is started and finished in a week, gives me focus and a sense of achievement. It makes me happy.

Starting and finishing my 2015 'Journal Your Christmas' album in a weekend, reminded me how much I love and miss papercrafting. It makes me so happy.

Slowly the cloud lifts and that makes me super happy! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Charity and crochet

And joining Ginny for yarnalong

Yarnalong 16 11 16

We are nearing the end of  our charity knitting/crochet and we have a huge haul of goods to pass over next week. It's been wonderful to see people picking up their knitting needles again and folks keen to learn a new skill. I have met and chatted so many people here in the office that I have passed in corridors for two years but never spoken to.

This past Saturday I attended  Hitchin Festiwool with some of my work colleague knitters and met up with three lovely friends that I've not seen since Festiwool last year. I had a lovely little shop and will share everything I bought as I use it, starting with the Katia Polaris in colourway 63. This is an acrylic yarn which is unusual for me as I love pure wool! It's working up quickly on a 5mm hook and the drape is beautiful. I'm making the shawl in the link (the one on the left) which came free with the yarn. It's (obviously) not something that was on my 'TO FINISH BY THE END OF 2016' list, but it's super quick and I needed something that I could start and finish in a few days. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Oh and also how AMAZING is my new field bag by Fringe Supply Company! I'll talk more about this later cause it's well worth having it's own post.

Still reading Knitlandia. It's a great insight into the world of yarn shows but as almost everything up till now has been in the US, I'm not sure i'll get to visit any of them any time soon.

Happy day, and happy yarn crafting!
C xx