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October 2016

Charity lunch knitting

And joining Ginny for Yarnalong


Over the months of October and November my fellow work knitting club members and I have been/are doing some charity knitting. We meet each Tuesday at lunch time and knit hats, gloves, blankets and squares (to be turned into blankets). Yesterday we held a knit-a-thon in our Costa coffee and attempted to knit a small lap blanket in a day. We did jolly well but didn't quite do it. So today over lunch we knitted some more and we're far closer to the finish line.
In the evenings I am still working on the crochet hippo and hope to finish by the end of the weekend. He is SO cute! I will take photos but am unlikely to share him until after Christmas.

I finished Poisonwood Bible!!!!! It was such a lovely book and i'm thrilled that I finished it but boy it was hard going. The story itself isn't hard to read but it seems there are a thousand words on each page that I could only manage a couple of pages a night. I've moved onto Knitlandia. Not read enough to have a proper opinion but so far so good!

C xx

And now for something completely different

And joining yarnalong with Ginny


I finished the Whispering Island Shawl but as it's a Christmas gift I won't share until the new year. So I'm onto gift two which is a happypotomous! It's been ages since I picked up a crochet hook and I'm loving it. 

You start with the back legs and bum and I didn't realise until I took this photo that my choice of colour wasn't ideal!! Anyway I did find it funny so hopefully the recipients mommy will too. 

I'm still reading Poisonwood Bible, and I really want to say I'm on the finish straight but as I only read 40 pages this week I might not be quite done next week. 

C xx

PS. I need an internet explorer upgrade as this version i'm using isn't supported by TypePad. So I can't add photos to blog posts on my laptop, hence trying to blog on my phone which isn't very easy. I'll just be posting on a Wednesday until this is sorted.

A bit of Christmas knitting

And joining Ginny for yarnalong


I love the colour of this shawl and I'm hoping the recipient loves it too!! It's so exciting to be working on Christmas gifts as it grows colder outside. My view this week is considerably different to last Wednesday!! We had a little frost on the windscreen on Monday morning. 

I'm back to reading Poisonwood Bible, less than 100 pages to go. 

C xx