The hood of the hoody
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A hoody for summer

Yarnalong 20 07 16

Summer hoody front top

Summer hoody hood

Summer hoody

I am thrilled with my summer hoody!! This is going to get so much wear when the cooler evenings arrive. I have to thank my friend Linda who did the ground work and gauge squares to make it work in cotton yarn.

So lets talk details:
The pattern is from the Kim Hargreaves book STILL and is designed for Rowan brushed fleece yarn (I have the yarn to make a winter version!)
I used Rowan cotton lustre on 7mm needles. This cotton/linen ribbon yarn has been lovely to work with over the warm weather, although it did take me a little while to get used to the texture.
It took 5 weeks to complete, including 2 and a half days of sewing up and sewing in ends.
The front inside edge is worked as 2 knit stitches on each row but I have done 5 as I preferred the more solid look.
This yarn is not good with the magic knot so all joins should be done on the seam edge. I had lots of ends!

Lesson Learned:
I have often been advised to rewind every ball of yarn before using it to check for knots. Thankfully only one ball I used for this project had knots but they were at a really inconvenient place! I rewound each ball after that!!


C xx