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Craft room 1 29 07 16

Craft room 2 29 07 16

All crafters can relate to the feelings of being overwhelmed. I am often overwhelmed, and feeling that way right now.

Crafters collect stash, and I have done a good job over the past 13 years of paper and yarn crafting to amass a serious amount of stuff. I have a craft area, in a spare bedroom, which I share with my dear husband, our treadmill and various desks and shelf units.

It's a mess. An area of chaos.

And it's time to clean up!

I am one of those people that needs a tidy system. It takes me months (maybe years) to come up with a practical solution to a storage/organisation problem. And if I've factored in all elements it works. Two big projects I have tackled and succeeded in this year are my coat cupboard and herb & spice storage (I'll blog them later in the year). Both took a lot of planning and foresight and the reason they succeeded is the elements (ie shoes/coats/herbs and spices) don't grow at the rate that yarn craft stash does.

And this is what I am battling to get a hold of. I know I will never catch up with the projects on my TO MAKE list but I keep adding more than I finish in a month. This has a direct impact on my yarn storage because an added project is also accompanied by a bag of yarn. Yes I am impulsive and when I want to make something I print the pattern and buy the yarn.

The idea of taking the elements (yarn) and deciding on the best storage solution is just not viable. This is an ever changing growing stash.

So i'm posting these photos on my blog to hold me accountable and encourage the eventual successful solution to this storage and organisation problem.

Stay tuned (although I may be a while) for the result!

C xx

Rainy day knitting

And joining Ginny for Yarnalong

Yarnalong 27 07 16

Today is different to this time last week. Although it isn't cold, it is wet and grey, and i'm not sure we are going to see the sun again this week. This confirms my need for a summer hoody! I am on the hood shaping of the left front which isn't as far as I hoped to be with 4 and a half days left of July and an end of July completion deadline. But of course as I start to see the finish line of a project I am easily distracted by Candy Crush and Pinterest.

This distraction has also effected my reading and I have not read one word of either Poisonwood Bible or The Penguin Lessons this week.

I am working on more focus this week to hopefully have a finished anything for you next week!

C xx

Extreme weather knitting

And joining Ginny with a yarnalong

Yarnalong 20 07 16

Summer has arrived! Or is it just a heatwave?? The weather here in the UK has been a bit odd. Winter wasn't really winter with milder temperatures and soggy rain. We had a few nice days in Spring and more rain, and then more rain and temperatures never really getting above 2o degrees. We've even needed cardigans! But on Friday last week there was a little shift and it seems as if we're in a hot spot.

Temperatures yesterday reached the dizzying heights of 34 degrees, and I was thankful that I'm knitting in cotton! I'm on the left front of my summer hoody and although I really don't need it this week (!!), I'm looking forward to having it finished for the cooler evenings that August and September will bring. Unless of course we have an Indian Summer, in which case I may not need it until October.

I'm still reading The Penguin Lessons by Tom Michell, did I mention that it's a true story? It's wonderful.

C xx

Preserving memories and photo printing




Back in 2015 I posted about my journey into uploading my phone photos to snapfish and creating photobooks. I love that I can still preserve memories in a creative way even though I no longer scrapbook.

However during 2016 I have combined my love of daily diary writing with creativity and memory keeping. I will talk more (in September) about how my Carpe Diem planner has evolved into a memory book but for now I wanted to talk about the company I use to print photos from my phone.

They're called Cheerz and they do the cutest instamatic style prints in such great quality! I have tried a few of the phone app printing companies and so glad I found these guys. (PS. not receiving anything for these words, they are my own and I pay for all my prints).

So it's easy peasy, you just pop the app on your phone, allow it access to your photos, upload what you want printed and pay. It takes a couple of days to get to you and VOILA, you have memories in your hands! As I take most of my photos square for uploading to instagram I love that I don't need to alter them to fit the instamatic style that Cheerz uses. I also love that their app is pretty user friendly, cause I can't do over complicated!

My plan is to get into a habit of uploading and printing photos every two weeks so I can keep on top of it and not worry about printing doubles or forgetting to print.

I hope you have good results with Cheerz if you choose to use them!

C xx

Hoody progress

And joining Ginny for Yarnalong

Yarnalong 13 07 16

This hoody is such a super quick knit, loving it! The back is done and i'm almost finished the sleeves. I'm aiming for a end of July finish for this project.

The Under the Same Sky shawl is blogged and I really love how it turned out. I'm also so happy that I stepped out my comfort zone with the colour choice.

Taking a break from Poisonwood Bible to read our village book club book, The Penguin Lessons by Tom Mitchell. It's such a sweet read.

C xx

Under The Same Sky Shawl

Finished KAL before blocking






I first saw this shawl when it was unveiled as the 2015 Swiss Wulle Festival pattern to go with the Siidgarte yarn. I was too late to join the KAL as the yarn was out of stock (by the time I decided on colour and cost etc). At the time the pattern was copyright to the SWF so I couldn't buy the pattern and use an alternative yarn but had to wait until they released it for general sale. I didn't know how long it would take!

I was thrilled when I saw that Tangled Yarn had become a supplier of Siidgarte yarn and were doing a KAL of this shawl in June! Such excitment as I quickly placed my order and waited for cast on day. We started on the 1st of June and although I was nervous about keeping up with a KAL (it being my first and all), I was so pleased to finally be making this beautiful shawl and it was lovely to see everyones progress on the Ravelry page.

So lets talk about the detail:

The pattern is very well presented and written. It came as a printed pamphlet, which is quite unusual these days with most patterns being sent as a downloadable PDF. The photographs of the shawl are beautiful and the edge pattern detail was written and charted.
The yarn is glorious! And at £22.99 a skein it is pricey. The pattern calls for two skeins, one of each colour. The range of colours is beautiful and although my natural instinct was to go for the blue (in the pattern), I climbed out of my comfort zone and went for green. It's difficult to photograph just how vibrant and beautiful this colour is but believe me it is AWESOME!
I used an ADDI 3.5mm circular needle, my first of this brand as I usually go for bamboo needles, and the super sharp point was perfect for the yarn and pattern (especially the K3PO stitch in the lace section).
It was my first time doing an edge that incorporates the live stitches from the shawl body and it took some time and a few You Tube videos to decide to use the circular needle as apposed to dpn's. It was SO sloooooow to start with but after a few repeats and some encourangement from the girls on the Ravelry group I found my confidence and trusted that I understood the pattern enough to look at the previous row and just knit.
It took me 4 and a half weeks to knit and at least a week of that to do the edge. An hour to sew in the ends and 4 days on the blocking boards.

I am so pleased with this shawl and can't wait to wear it very soon.

Under The Same Sky shawl by Nadia Cretin-Lechenne (Itty Bitty blog)

Tangled Yarn KAL

C xx

A summer hoody

And joining Ginny on a yarnalong

Yarnalong 06 07 16

I am knitting a summer version of Kim Hargreaves DARKNESS cosy hoody coat (pattern is knitted in Brushed Fleece which I also plan to make) from the book Still in Rowan Cotton Lustre. It is knitting up so quickly, having only started on Sunday.

The shawl I was knitting at last weeks yarnalong (and for three weeks before that), is finished and blocking and I love it! I will blog it soon.

Still reading Poisonwood Bible. I'm thinking it's got to be finished before the end of July!

C xx