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June 2016

Letting go of insecurities

And joining Ginny with yarnalong. Ginny and her husband Jonny welcomed baby girl Mae into their family last week and has shared some beautiful photos on her blog with us. Many congratulations to you all xx

Yarnalong 29 06 16

This week I have learnt to trust my abilities and let go of my insecurities. I am a good and capable knitter and I was scared to look away from the pattern of my Under The Same Sky shawl. The edge is a series of 30 row pattern repeats and although it isn't the easiest pattern to learn it is easy to do by looking at the row before. You can see instantly if you've made a mistake and it's easy to correct. I still like to have the pattern to hand but don't feel it necessary to tick off every row. I am on repeat 10 of 23 and aiming for a weekend finish, which may be a bit of wishful thinking!

Just lately i've been so tired at bed time that I've not even picked up Poisonwood Bible. I did want it finished by the end of the month....that's tomorrow right? Oh well, not going to happen, lol.

C xx

An animal update and new addition




Chick and mama Joan


My sweet boy cat, Josh is 11 this year. He's such a mummy's boy and loves a cuddle on the couch especially if i'm knitting and in the middle of a complicated pattern row!

Julia and Joan chicken are as always a delight to watch. I had never imagined chickens would be such entertaining pets, but I really do get lost for hours just watching them scratch around the flower beds (!!). We've had these girls for just over a year and they are great little layers keeping us well stocked with lovely free range eggs.

And our sweet Joan has successfully hatched an egg! Baby J, as we don't know if it's a boy or girl yet, is the cutest little thing I have ever seen <3
Mama hen got broody a month ago and a work colleague offered me six fertilised eggs (he was given them but his broody hen decided she wasn't broody after all!) and I accepted a little tentively I must admit. You see our chicken house isn't really set up for babies, and honestly I had no idea how to care for a mama hen and chicks. Anyway I didn't really need to do much because Joan knew exactly what to do and set up a very cosy nest for her eggs. She sat on her nest for 23 and a half hours a day only getting up for a quick drink, munch on pellets and a dust bath.
A few days before the 21 day incubation period was over I caught Joan off her eggs so I could take a look and see how things were progressing. There were only three eggs in her nest, which surprised me but I learnt that chickens will push out any eggs that are 'bad'. I don't know if that's what happened or if it was an accident. I checked two of the eggs with a torch - one was very full (ie a big blob in the egg) and one was less full (ie only a small shadow in the egg). Having no experience with hatching eggs I just had to leave it and see what happened.
On Thursday the 16th I got home from work to find that one of the eggs (the one with the big blob inside) had hatched and tucked under my sweet mama hen was the tiny little chick that instantly stole me heart. I rushed out to Pets at Home to buy a bag of chick crumbs and find containers to supply food for our baby. See I told you I have no clue!
She got off the two remaining eggs which were in a raised nesting box but didn't go back to them because she couldn't get the baby up there. I brought them into the house to be warmed under a lamp but they didn't hatch :(

This has been such a huge learning curve for me and if I am going to hatch more eggs I need to do some redesign work on my chicken house.

So our sweet chick is 9 days old (6 days in the photo) and learning every day from it's mama. Joan has been wonderful, well done mama hen.

C xx


On the edge

And joining Yarnalong with Ginny

Yarnalong 22 06 16

I'm on the edge of my Under The Same Sky shawl. The pattern calls for dpn's and I battled to hold them and the circular needle without the stitches falling off! I was a little paniced and thought I may just have to cast off and leave it there but a bit of googling later and I am making good progress using the same circular needle that the shawl is on. I'm so glad I pushed through and added another skill rather than give up!

Still reading Poisonwood Bible.

Looking forward to the Yarnalong inspiration.

C xx

A love of yarn craft

and joining Ginny with a yarnalong.

Yarnalong 15 06 16

Steady progress has been made on the Under The Same Sky shawl KAL from Tangled Yarn. Each row is now very long so i'm only getting about 4 done a day. The lace stitch is very simple and results in a very pretty pattern! The bottom edge of the shawl is done on double pointed needles and joined to the body as you go. I've never done this before, so slightly nervous but excited to learn another new technique in 2016.

Last night I realised that I was making good progress with Poisonwood Bible (Hooray!!). At last I feel like i'm getting through it.

C xx

Knitting along

with Yarnalong and Ginny

Yarnalong 08 06 16

I'm making great progress on the Under the Same Sky shawl that I started last Wednesday. The rows are getting very long now but the pattern is very easy to follow and has a lovely rhythm. Of course the garter stitch bands make a nice change of pace. This yarn is just amazing! I bought it locally (ie in the UK) from Tangled Yarn (link in side bar). There is a lovely choice of colours and even though I was tempted to go with my safe option of blue, I'm so glad I took the step out of my comfort zone. And I love that the green matches the stitching on my bag!

I'm starting to get annoyed that I am putting the same book again this week, but yes i'm still reading Poisonwood Bible. Not sure I'm going to finish by the end of June but you just never know!

C xx

My first KAL

and yarnalong with Ginny

Yarnalong 01 06 16

It's another grey and miserable day here in Hertfordshire and I'm wondering if the summer is ever going to arrive. Thankfully I have some gorgeous yarn and the excitement of joining in my first KAL to lift my spirits! I have been waiting for the general release of this pattern since it first hit Ravelry for last year's Swiss Wulle Festival. Now I really shouldn't be casting on a new project (especially one that has just hit my TO MAKE list!!), but oh well, it's done now!

Still working my way through Poisonwood Bible. This is a SLOOOOOOOW book, or maybe i'm just a slow reader.

Wishing you all a happy June!

Ciao xx

PS. My TO MAKE list is officially out of control!!

PPS. I'm not normally a green person but i've been inspired by Steph at Woolythyme to step out of my comfort zone.