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Websters Pages Traveler Notebook

Websters travelers notebook
Websters travelers notebook 1
Websters travelers notebook 2
Websters travelers notebook 3
Websters travelers notebook 4
Websters travelers notebook 5

I decided to treat myself to a Websters Pages Traveler Notebook. I love the idea that you can have a couple of notebooks on the go at once but still keep them neat and tidy in one folder. I didn't dither over colour choice at all and absolutely love the bling of the rose gold!

Now if I'm totally honest I do NOT need another notebook. I am a notebook addict and have enough to see me through to at least 86! But another reason this book is so great is that you don't ever use it up, you just keep replacing the books inside. I really really love that concept.

Like the Websters Pages planners, this notebook comes in a lovely sealed box with a HELLO vellum greeting when you first peek inside. The book is also protected from the elastic closure which is so great as you don't want a dented book before you've had a chance to admire it.

There are four elastics to hold the notebooks, i'm not sure yet if 4 books is practical and I've not seen any mention of replacement elastics although the Midori ones may fit in case of breakages. I also haven't seen the kraft cover books sold seperately, although again i'm sure the Midori ones will fit. Planners are pretty standard so mixing and matching is totally doable!!

I'm not sure I'll be able to just have the one so watch this space, haha.

Ciao xx

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Paloma Poncho

Paloma poncho 1

Paloma poncho 4

Paloma poncho 2, neckline picot edge

Paloma poncho 3

Oh goodness, that colour in the spring sunshine! So beautiful.

This was a great knit, quick and easy, and totally mindless. It took a bit longer than expected because I got to that stage when it was almost done and I kept being distracted by Pinterest and Candy Crush! I worked on 9mm needles to make a very drapey fabric. This poncho takes 12 skeins of Debbie Bliss Paloma yarn, just under six skeins for each rectangle. I kept some yarn back for joining and to do a picot edge around the neckline.

Note: You can use needle size 7mm to 9mm and yardage depending on the drape and size you want to achieve.

The stitch comes from a Jolie (link in sidebar) original scarf pattern that has been adapted and can be found in their lovely book, which can be brought direct or through Amazon.

Top tip: I slipped the first stitch knit wise and knitted into the back of the last stitch which resulted in very neat edges!

So happy to have another project completed in 2016.

Ciao xx

Grey day knitting

with the yarnalong crew.

Yarnalong 25 05 16

29 01 patchwork throw

It's a grey day here in Hertfordshire, England and i'm back to knitting my patchwork throw. I have an intarsia refresher class booked in for the 15th of July so I want to make sure that I have all the plain and striped squares finished by then so all I need to focus on are the intarsia squares. This is the pattern that Linda bases her class on so as I learn I will be making these squares! I also have some little cotton rabbits (link in side bar) intarsia dress patterns and yarn ready to go so I can work up a few to really cement the technique in my brain.
I am working on square 27 of 40.

Last night I realised I wasn't even half way through Poisonwood Bible. I think this is the longest it's ever taken me to read a book! It's a great book and i'm really enjoying it so I guess i'll just keep plodding through it. No way i'll finish by my end of May deadline!!

The paloma poncho is finished and has been photographed, so it will be on the blog on Friday. Now if only it wasn't forecast to rain for the forseeable future I could wear it!

Happy day!

Ciao xx

Storing yarn craft tools

Tool storage
Tool bag
Tool crochet hooks
Tool straight needles
Tool straight needle back
Tool dpns

Oh I do love my little (or large) collection of knitting needles, crochet hooks, stitch markers, scissors, darning needles, knitting pins and tape measures! And keeping it all neat and tidy has at times been a little bit of a challenge. Thankfully I love storage so hunting down the perfect solution for my yarn craft tools has been a very exciting journey.

Although I can have a few projects in progress at once, I tend to work on one at a time, so I have a basket or bag that contains all the yarn for that project and when I work on it it comes everywhere with me. So it made sense for me to have a small make up/pencil case style 'bag' to keep scissors, tape measure, spare row counters, stitch markers and darning needle, which I could move from basket to basket as I moved between projects.

I moved from metal to Brittany Birch to Clover Amour crochet hooks in a space of 9 years. The move from metal to birch started because they're just so pretty (!) and I loved the shape of the hook. I collected the set over time and love how they now look in one of my grandmothers mugs. I moved to the Clover hooks when I experienced terrible cramps in my thumb pad after prolonged hooking with a 3.5mm birch hook. I needed a bigger handle on the hook and the Clover offered me the most comfort. I bought as I needed until I had most of the sizes and then filled in the gaps. I remember my gramdmother keeping pens and pencils in a glasses case so when I spotted one on sale I knew this was a good solution to crochet hook storage.

I bought my straight knitting needle roll at the same time as my second linen yarn craft bag. These bags are made with vintage linen sourced by Jolie and hand made into cherished and heirloom pieces. Although I have metal, plastic and wooden needles, I only store my wooden needles in the roll. These are the ones I use all the time as I find anything else terribly slippery (which could have something to do with my tension!).

Just recently (ie 2016), I've needed more double pointed needles so my collection of sizes has grown considerably as has the need of a storage solution for them. I visited Jolie a few weekends back and luckily they had a small crochet hook roll in stock. It's the ideal size for dpn's and fits into my collection perfectly.

I'm on the hunt for circular needle storage as mine live in a pencil case and I find that I need to take them all out to find the one I need, then spend ages rolling them all up to pack away. I have an idea to make one but it's still in the recess of my creative brain.

If you post or have posted about your tool storage please let me know so I can have a look!

Ciao xx

Spring Poncho

Joining Ginny with Yarnalong a little late this week!

Yarnalong 19 05 16

I'm really loving this mindless project, the ease of the stitches and not having to consult a pattern or tick off rows. And yet, it looks like a complicated stitch construction, the best type of knitting! I'm on the last ball so aiming for a Friday finish.

I've read more (of Poisonwood Bible) this past week, than previous weeks, but still only a few pages at bedtime before my eyes can't stay open a second longer. I did consider lunch time reading but of course that would eat into my knitting time. If only I could win the lottery and become a stay at home crafter!

After days (was it possibly a week) of beautiful sunshine, we've had a few rainy, dull days. Please come back sunshine so I can wear my spring poncho.

Ciao xx

Quick knits

And joining Ginny on a Yarn Along

Yarnalong 11 05 16

I'm taking a break from pattern reading for a bit while knitting a soft squishy springy (in season, although the yarn is also a bit springy) Debbie Bliss Paloma poncho. The pattern is very simple, every row the same, and big yarn knitted on big needles equals a quick knit. I started on Sunday afternoon and am that close (ie the yarn ball on the photo) to finishing the front, or back, they're the same so it doesn't matter.

The plan was to wear it by the weekend. Not sure if that's possible yet but there are lots of knitting hours between now and then.

I feel embarrased to admit, although I am going to (!!), that I read all of 5 pages of my book in the last week. I want to think that I am on track to finish (Poisonwood Bible) by the end of May. Lets see.

After the most glorious weather last week and weekend, we're back to grey skies and that annoying light drizzle that puts you off going outside. I'm afraid I thought Spring has arrived with a spring in her step but alas it was a tease!

Happy Wednesday

Ciao xx

Holiday crochet

and joining Ginny for yarnalong.

Yarnalong 04 05 16

Back in December i started a South Bay Shawl in Coast from Tangle Yarn, and it's become a holiday project. On Sunday we took a trip to Edinburgh (Scotland) via Newcastle (England) and this was my travel companion. It's such an easy pattern to pick up and take anywhere. I feel quite inspired to get it finished now though, especially with that lovely bright yellow to finish it off!

Not read any Poisonwood Bible this week, but determined to get it done before the month end.

I'm on annual leave this week and making the most of the beautiful sunshine by sitting out in the sunshine.

Happy days

Ciao xx