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December 2015

As we say Goodbye to 2015

And joining Ginny with Yarnalong

Yarnalong 30 12 15

I wasn't going to post again until the new year but then I read that this was the last Yarnalong for 2015 I felt it needed to be documented.

I've had a great yarn craft year! Blankets, shawls, wraps and 3 cardigans! And i've even managed to reduce my yarn stash by making some of those projects set aside because something better had come along. Of course there is still plenty of stash and i'm looking forward to creating in 2016.

My yarnalong project today is the Rosewater Shawl that I started at the end of November and put aside for our Cape Town trip and some Christmas crafting. I'm enjoying that lace knitting although the YO's and K2tog's play havoc with my right hand and it keeps going numb. I'm hoping to have it on the blocking board by the end of the weekend.

Still reading Wild and hoping to have it done by the end of the weekend too. There is so much more in the book than the film so i'm glad I bought it to read.

Goodbye 2015!


Christmas yarn craft

and joining Ginny with yarnalong

Yarnalong 23 12 15

This week has all been about Christmas and a little yarn craft has been thrown in the mix. I had planned bed socks and earwarmers but time was against me so simple washcloths was what I managed.

I wrapped them all before taking photos but i'm on a mission to make some for home and a few to send out to friends as 'new year gifts' (ie late Christmas gifts!), so I will take photos and also share the pattern.

After no reading on holiday I am back into WILD and once again loving sharing this journey of self discovery with the author.

I'm taking a break over the festive season and will be back in full force on the 4th of January. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! See you soon.

Ciao xx

Back to reality

and joining Ginny with Yarnalong.

Yarnalong 16 12 15

I didn't do as much crochet as I wanted on my holiday in the very hot and sunny Cape Town. I guess the very hot bit played some part in that. However it was nice to have it with me when I did feel like a bit of hooky time.

And I didn't read a single page of my book on holiday either so i'm still in the same place with Wild.

I'm looking forward to getting back into the rhythm of daily life and preparation for Christmas although with the mild weather we're experiencing in the UK it's not feeling very Christmassy at all.

Happy Wednesday!

Ciao xx

My TO MAKE list update

To make update photo

My TO MAKE list is ever evolving, and this is how it stands right now.

Lap blanketstylish squares pattern in Debbie Bliss baby cash yarn, dark grey.
Lap Blanket - Willow block from Jan Eatons 200 crochet blocks book in Origins Lait yarn.
Cardigan - Artesano Alpaca yarn, looking at this pattern.
Yolk pleat top - this one from Debbie Bliss. I have done it in pink and have the yarn to do a grey one.
Lap blanket - in Debbie Bliss and Rowan hand knit cotton. The pattern for this comes out of an out of print book, and is beautiful knitted squares with cable detail and intarsia. Had the yarn for ages!! Lots of learning on this blanket!
Granny poncho - in Scheepjes invicta extra. Going to make this poncho with squares, just need to find the right square.
Rosewater Shawl - This one from Ravelry. I bought yarn for it at Festiwool, from the Native Yarns stall. ON THE NEEDLES
Cardigan/Jumper for darling husband - Looking for a pattern on Brooklyn Tweed. I am longing to use their beautiful yarns.
Cowl - No pattern found yet and not sure if I want to knit or crochet. The yarn, also bought at Festiwool is from Ananuca, and is delicious.
Pebble Beach shawl - In yellow, for me, for summer.

Of course I needed a holiday project so that grey yarn above came with me to Cape Town for another South Bay Shawl. I can't ever be too far away from a bit of yarn

No doubt I will have more to add to it after my South African yarn shopping!

Ciao xx

Carpe Diem Planner - Part 2

CDP front of month page

CDP monthly quote page

CDP this month page

CDP month ruler

CDP March

CDP today ruler

A bit like diaries, I have had my fair share of planners and not managed to use one all year, or even for a few months at a time. I decided that if I could keep a diary in 2015 then I would treat myself to a new planner. I really wanted to split the appointments & plans and my daily thoughts into two separate books.

As this year has moved on and my commitment to daily diary entries has been proved I started to allow myself to do a bit of planner research. I read all the reviews and scrutinised each planner on the market and finally settled on the Carpe Diem planner. There are so many amazing planners on the market and this is such a personal choice but here's what I loved about this planner. I can add, move and get rid of stuff. Simple as that. I wanted a planner that I could adapt to me, that I could use for my yarn projects and blog planning as well as the every day. There are so many great planner printables that can be added to this folder too. This is a great base for me to adapt to suit me.

I am having the most fun getting the planner set up to start using in January!

The monthly divider tabs are plastic coated and is of a sturdy thick card with each page sporting a lovely image or quote. There is a double page month view, which is undated for you to personalise. Each month has a THIS MONTH page for birthdays, goals, important dates and don't forget. The planner came with weekly inserts but you have the option to buy daily pages. I have stuck with the weekly pages for now as i'm at work for 8.5 hours a day and don't need to plan that! The daily/weekly pages are undated too so you can stamp, handwrite or sticker your dates on!

The options for making this planner your own are endless and even though I won't be using it until January, I already have it in my handbag and can't stop admiring it :) Silly I know but I LOVE it!


Ciao xx

Pebble Beach Shawl - Voila

 PBS front closed view

PBS side closed drape

PBS side open drape

PBS close up of brooch detail

PBS close up of drape detail

And I love it!

A quick review of the pattern/yarn details:
The pattern is here, with Helen Stewart's well thought out instructions and handy row table with tick box and % complete. Be warned though, the rows get very long and the cast off took me half a day, but oh boy, this shawl is worth every stitch.
I used Origin Lait yarn by Bergere de France. I found the yarn didn't unwind itself if you use the thread from the outside in.
On a 4mm circular needle. Reaching almost 500 stitches I recommend a 100mm length needle and also don't bee too rough moving the knitting around the needle. I did break one on the project. (Thankfully my husband has made a little 'circular needle repair kit', I do this often!)

I have not blocked it as the yarn is quite heavy and I think the pattern is well defined without it. Also I'm too nervous to even get a drop of water on it despite the ball band saying it can be machine washed!

I am gifting this shawl to a very special lady. She means the world to me and I know she'll treasure it.

This is back on my TO MAKE list in Mabel & Ivy coast yarn in SOLAR POWER for the summer. I can't wait to get started on it.

Ciao xx