Rainy days
Another thing ticked off

Wednesday progress

and Yarnalong with Ginny.

Lavender Fields blanket is off the hook! Yesterday I squared off the top and tail and did a neat round of double crochet (US SC) to finish it off. There are a few ends to sew in, thankfully not as many as there would have been with colour changes! I am thrilled with it. Photos and mini review of pattern, yarn etc to come.

Yarnalong 14 10 15

And today I am back on the Wave cardi. I usually knit fronts and sleeves together but was nervous this time as you knit with a double strand of yarn. That means I have four strands of yarn coming up to the needles and plenty opportunity for a major tangle!

Yarnalong 14 10 15 2

I love baskets for my projects but worry about the yarn snagging so use drawstring wash bags to keep my working yarn safe. These have come in handy for this project!

Still working my way through 'The Kashmir Shawl'. I'm really enjoying it but late nights and only a few pages before sleep makes it feel a bit bitty. Do you know what I mean?

I didn't intend to leave a whole week between posting, this past week has certainly flown by. The good news is that I am settling into Autumn and my skin has quietened down at last. The beauty of the season has not escaped me though and yesterday afternoon driving home from work I was reminded that although my body doesn't like Autumn it really is a spectacle of colour. As the sun lowers in the sky the light changes and the colours of the leaves are so vibrant. The early mornings and evenings are turning bitterly cold although once again, this week we have had some lovely clear skies and reasonably warm midday temperatures. I'm so looking forward to lighting the fire and curling up with my cosy knitting.

Pushing to finish Wave by the end of October.

Ciao xx