Winter Knits
Rainy days

The changing season

This week we have had the bright warm days of an Indian Summer...

Indian summer definition

But there are signs that Autumn is here and the early morning chill reminds me that these days will not last.

Autumn 2015

Autumn is a hard season for me. My body reacts to the changes in a negative way and I find myself unsettled and agitated. My sinuses constantly feel blocked and sore and my skin itches and feels prickly. The eczema in my ears flares. My scalp tingles and my hair goes from feeling dry and brittle to lank and greasy in a matter of hours.

There is a pull towards winter yarn craft and log fires but I want the warmth of the sun on my skin just a little longer. I fight the need for socks and Uggs, preferring to wear Birkinstocks and ballet flats. Cardigans and jumpers are required for the morning commute but by lunch time I am too hot. The changable weather across the day is unsettling and I feel flustered and uncomfortable. Rain makes the air feel muggy and my shoes soggy.

I don't sleep well and dark mornings make getting up for work that much harder. I long for the weekends so I can hide under the duvet until it is light and warm.

I'm never quite in a good routine but in these Autumn months it seems impossible to find a good footing. Always chasing my tail and feeling like every room in the house needs attention. I re-learn the rhythm of being indoors while longing to be outside.

Oh how I look forward to Winter so I can look forward to Summer.