The changing season
Wednesday progress

Rainy days

and cosy knits. Joining Ginny for Yarnalong.

The 5 extra balls of yarn for Lavender Fields blanket didn't arrive before my weekend road trip but have been dispatched now. I am so looking forward to getting back to this blanket and seeing it finished. I really do love this ripple pattern! Thinking of a blanket for darling husband in this same pattern and yarn in shades of green.

So I have been making progress with the Wave cardigan. I am loving the uneven knit, it seems so natural to use two different size needles and I love that it grows quickly with the fat 9mm needle. There is no armhole shaping and only a few rows of shoulder and neck shaping so a very basic knit. I'm about 15cms off finishing the back.

Wave 07 10 15

I don't want to leave the knitting on the needles so i'll finish the back then continue with the blanket, although there is plenty time before Christmas I will feel better when it's done.

Wave close up 07 10 15

Setting a deadline of 31st October to have both the blanket and wave cardi finished.

I'm still making my way through The Kashmir Shawl. It's slow going, with a few late nights this past week, i'm only getting through a few pages before my eyelids are too droopy.

We've had plenty of rain so far this week, which is a change from the weather we experienced last week. Thankfully we had gorgeous weather over the weekend for the rugby. Newcastle was an amazing host city! We had a great time.

Rugby 1
Rugby 3
Rugby 2

Stuart was very popular in his kilt and 'Jimmy hat' and was stopped for his photograph so many times that he joked about needing an agent! Good times :)

Happy British Wool Week!

Ciao xx