Wave Cardi Progress
Starting something new

Lavender Fields blanket - Voila

Here she is.....Lavender Fields ripple blanket!

Lavender Fields on chair

I am so chuffed with this blanket! I love the 'hole' detail of the ripple which gives the fabric a pattern that means the simple colour scheme works really well.

Lavender Fields close up

So lets talk logistics:
The pattern can be found, for free, here. Thank you Le Monde de Sucrette! Inspiration for this blanket is here, thank you Esther! The yarn is Scheepjes Stone Washed XL and is a cotton/acrylic blend. There is no 'acrylic squeek' with this yarn and it is soft soft soft!
I used a ball each of accent colours, Black Onyx, Deep Amethyst and Lilac Quartz and 20 balls of the main colour, Smokey Quartz. I got close to 5 rows from a ball of yarn, so have very little of the 3 accent colours left and about half a ball of the main colour. I wasn't brave enough to play yarn chicken with this project.
I used a 5.5mm hook and although the fabric looks 'close' it is still drapey. There is a good weight to the yarn and it's very warm, it was lovely to work on as the weather turned cooler :)
The pattern is worked over a multiple of 11 stitches + 3 so I started with a chain of 146 (that is (13 x 11) + 3 = 146)

Lavender Fields hanging

I made it as a snuggle blanket and happy too that it fits a single bed.

Lavender Fields on bed

I squared off the ends using a variety of stitches. I didn't write them out as everyones tension is a little different it's better to just trial and error to get the right fit for you. I then did a row of half trebles (UK) on each end to add a tiny bit more length and a round of half treble to finish off.

It's all ready to be wrapped up for Christmas, I just can't wait to gift it!

My WIP list is looking like this now.....

Izumi wrap - FINISHED
Chloe's Christmas blanket - FINISHED
Kim Hargreaves Wave cardi from ECHO book - FINISHED
Pebble beach shawl - have yarn, would like this finished for spring 2016
Whispering Island shawl - HAPPENING RIGHT NOW
Folded - at the shoulder decrease, had an issue and had to frog. Would like this for winter 2015
Larch in alpaca - at the assembly stage, would just like it finished
Island crochet top from Rowan Savannah Collection book - have yarn, started, would like it finished for summer 2016

You may notice that Wave cardi has been marked as finished. Yes it is done and ready to photograph!! Woo Hoo! It's so gorgeous. Update on Friday ;)

Happy Monday

Ciao xx