Wednesday progress
Wave Cardi Progress

Another thing ticked off

Love that i've ticked another project off my WIP list!

Izumi wrap - FINISHED
Chloe's Christmas blanket - FINISHED
Kim Hargreaves Wave cardi from ECHO book - Happening now
Pebble beach shawl - have yarn, would like this finished for spring 2016
Whispering Island shawl - have yarn, would like this for winter 2015
Folded - at the shoulder decrease, had an issue and had to frog. Would like this for winter 2015
Larch in alpaca - at the assembly stage, would just like it finished
Island crochet top from Rowan Savannah Collection book - have yarn, started, would like it finished for summer 2016

There is a project that i've been working on for a few years but had an issue with shaping and serious lack of confidence. What i've done so far is on my dress makers dummy taunting me and daring me to bite the bullet and get over my issues. It's one of those projects that I can see taking shape and makes perfect sense in my head but the actual doing seems impossible. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about it quite a bit and a little time on the internet and Pinterest has given me a few practical ideas. I want to do it and I know I can and will.

Progress wave 16 10 15

I'm not going to add it to the WIP list as it's a bit of a surprise but once Wave cardi is done i'm going to focus my energies to get this one nailed!! Watch this space.

Happy weekend.

Ciao xx