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August 2015

Pwani shawl progress and yarnalong

Joining in with Ginny and yarnalong again this week.

Pwani shawl is growing nicely. I am planning on lots of yarny time this weekend while Stu is away at the Moto GP. This kit is an August KAL and although I joined slightly late i'm still hoping to finish by Monday

Pwani shawl yarnalong 26 08 2015

The rows are getting very long now, but the rhythm is easy! This yarn is so lovely to work with and although I found it a little hard in the beginning (I did read that the yarn can stick on bamboo needles) it is a dream now that I am used to it. It's called Coast and comes in an awesome range on colours. Oh those greys!

Not much reading done over the weekend so i'm not making much progress with my book but i'm loving it!

It's a soggy yuck day here in Hertfordshire today, nice weather for ducks!

Ciao xx


I love to write lists and make them almost daily. Grocery lists, to do list, to make lists, Christmas card lists, Christmas gift lists, clothes packing lists, Saturday chore lists, BBQ party lists (guests, food and decorations), book lists......You get the picture.

And while I was out on Saturday (armed with a list of stores to visit and things to buy) I came across a journal called Listography, your life in lists.

Listography book

Journalling, memories and lists all in one book! Such a fun idea.

On the top of the right hand page is a list prompt - 'List the things you like to do one your day off', and on the left hand page is a hand drawn picture that relates to your list. I would love to know if these are things from the illustrator's lists or just made up things.

I am so looking forward to filling it up. I love this note from the author...'I believe everyone should have an autobiography, if only for their loved ones to read and even in the simplest form: A list' Lisa Nola.

love lists xx

Yarnalonging with Ginny

I have been following this lovely blog, Small Things, for a few months and every Wednesday I want to join in the Yarnalong but keep forgetting to photograph my book and latest project. I guess this is because my book lives next to my bed, I am a late night reader, and my latest yarn project lives down stairs, either next to the sofa or on the dining room table ready to take with me to work.

But this morning I remembered and I'm joining in!

Pwani shawl yarnalong 19 08 2015

I have only just started this book and wasn't sure I was going to like it but so far so good! The knitting is a shawl designed by Clare over at Yarn and Pointy Sticks. The pattern is available from Ravelry or you can buy the pattern and kit at Tangled Yarn. It's a lovely knit and the yarn is just scrumptious!

I'm loving knitting shawls right now, perhaps because they are portable and light to knit in the summer months.

But my mind is moving ahead to winter and blankets and cardigans. Cosy yarn craft in front of the fire with the cat curled up at my feet.

Yarnalong wth Ginny.

Happy days
Ciao xx

The Walk

It is with much sadness that I need to postpone my Camino de Santiago walk until 2016 :( There are three factors in our decision to postpone.

My back:
For the past couple of years I have had very bad lower back pain. An accident back in 1999 and a fall down our stairs at home in 2011 have played their role in this problem. I have been managing the pain with a cocktail of pain killers but thet has just masked the issue and it is not getting any better.

New job/annual leave/80th birthdays:
My job has gone permanent (which is AWESOME!) and that means I fall into the annual leave calendar and have a limited number of days to take for the remaining 5 months of 2015 and we have a very special 80th birthday party to attend in Cape Town in December.

Stuarts knees:
Stuart has plumbers knees. Too many years of kneeling under basins and in front of toilets have taken their toll on the cartilage which has worn and there are bits floating around (Bleurgh!). A simple twist or strain on the knee causes weeks of pain and swelling which can be quite debilitating for him.

I will do it, just not this year.


Just Write - A Project

This weeks Great Scheme of Things colour palette is black and white, and inspired such beautiful projects from the team and our Facebook followers. As my focus in 2015 is all about the written word and being inspired to write every day, I saw the prompt as black ink on white paper.

Just write title page

And that got me thinking about a new little project!

This project is about forming habits and inspiring people to write. It's about taking 5 minutes out of every day to Just Write. Write Anything. Write Something. Do it every day.
Write one word over and over, write a poem, write out your favourite quote, write a To Do list, write 'I don't know what the hell to write', Just Write.

I'm using a small, 24 page (using both sides of the paper) note book and a uniPin fine line pen.

Just write note book

Will share progress on Instagram under #justwriteproject

Ciao xx