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Friday progress

Ive been a little undecided about what WIP to pick up now that the block stitch blanket is done and in the interim I have gone back to an old faithful cotton 8, crochet crush kit blanket. I started this blanket at the beginning of 2014 with a very clear idea of the pattern and look of the finished article.

Very early on it didn't look like the idea in my head! And I found that frustrating and annoying.

Purple blanket

I started with 9 granny squares joined to form a square and then continued with granny rounds to form a large square. It wasn't going to be a conventional single bed blanket but more of a keep your feet warm type bed cover. I figued out early on that I wasn't going to have enough yarn (as I didn't choose the add on kit) to make anything of any substantial size. So I ordered more of the dark purple and some white cotton and set about changing the style. I added a row of grannies to two ends of my square changing the shape to a rectangle.

By this time I had fallen out of love with this project and wasn't interested in finishing it, but I kept picking it up when I was in between projects or needed a no thinking project to take to a BBQ or afternoon tea.

Purple blanket close up

It's a funny old thing, crochet. This week i've been uninterested in this blanket, just doing it for something to do and still feeling like the pattern and style is a bit bleurgh!

But today, today I have found some inspiration for this little single bed blanket that I am actually excited about finishing it and getting it on the bed ready for a winter visitor.

Happy days!

Ciao xx

Block stitch baby blanket - Voila

Yesterday I finished my block stitch baby blanket and I am thrilled with the end result.

Jo baby blanket finished

This was such a great pattern and the woven effect is just brilliant. I can't wait to gift it on Saturday.

I've added notes on the edging to the pattern that I posted before, and reattach it here for you...

Download Block stitch tutorial

to download.

I think this pattern would work well in any variety of yarn types and colour combinations. I love the idea of a white blanket with different colour in between rows. Or even just two colours! The possibilities are endless.

But be warned of the sheer number of ends this blanket has! It took about two hours to stitch them all in.

Jo baby blanket close up

Of course ending one project means thinking about what to pick up next! For now I am working on my old faithful time filler that is the purple spare bed crochet blanket. Have I shared that yet? It's a great 'pick up and put down' ever faithful sort of project that travels well and doesn't take much concentration.

I don't really want to be working on it, I would much rather cast on a shawl!

Too many projects, too little time.....

Ciao xx

Block stitch blanket Friday progress

I took a quick progress photo of my block stitch blanket as I did a few rows at lunch time.

Jo baby blanket progress

I sit in my car and watch catch up TV from iPlayer on my iPad at lunch times and always have my latest WIP with me to do a little stitching.

I loved the colours in the dappled light of the sun shining through a little tree that provides me some shade on these sunny summer days.

I am about 8 rows off half way to a square and still have enough yarn on ball one of each colour for at least another 3 pattern repeats so this will be a nice size baby/young toddler blanket.

Of all the patterns I have used for blankets this is my new favourite.

Looking forward to a crafty weekend and more progress next week.

Ciao xx

NoFa shawl Voila

It's done and it's beautiful and I absolutely LOVE IT!!

NoFa tied

Having overcome those initial first section issues, this was a relatively quick knit. The pattern is well written and explained. Near the end the rows do get veeeeeery long and I found it easier to get the 4 lace rows done in a sitting.

NoFa back

The shawl must be blocked to make the most of the lace section and give better stitch definition to the 'seams' where you do an increase on every 4th row of the stockingette section.

The yarn was lovely and soft to work with and the drape of the shawl is beautiful. I've been through the Loop Knitting website and I think this is the yarn I bought, although it was so long ago and I very stupidly threw out the ball band. This is why a knitting/crochet journal is so handy!

There is beautiful detail on the edging bell ruffle which just finishes this piece off nicely.

NoFa closeup

My husband laughs at me when I hang a newly finished project on my cupboard doors so I can admire it for a few days :)

NoFa front

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I know I will get so much use out of this pretty shawl.

I started to finish off a spare bed crochet blanket as my next WIP tick off but have set it aside (again) to make a baby blanket for a special little boy who will be joining our family later this month.

Jo baby blanket peek

I just adore this pattern and have been dying to try it out!

Edited to add a document of the pattern for the block stitch blanket. Please note that this is not my pattern just an english written version of the chart. I have linked to the original pattern on the document.

Download Block stitch tutorial

Happy Monday!

Ciao xx

Just keep writing

My lovely friend Kel, of EverydayJoy, wrote a post about Clean slates, Fresh starts and Birthday Resolutions only days ago that seemed to sum up quite nicely the process and excitment I have felt each year when I opened up my new diary and wrote that first entry.

For some reason that momentum has always fallen flat on it's face and even though I pick up my diary part way through a year with the intention of at least ending the year in a 'daily diary writing good habit place', it never happened that way.

What has made 2015 different? Why has this year been my year to change bad habits to good? How have I managed 6 months of daily diary writing?

Diary page 6 months

Gratitude. That's what. I am determined to write something each day that I am grateful for and that means sitting for a few minutes each morning to think about the day before and the day ahead and be grateful. Some days I have repeated myself, like being grateful for my family, or my husband, or the wonderful village we live in and this duplication has highlighted what is most important to me.

After writing my gratitude for the day, I just keep writing. Some days it's not that interesting, on others it is. I can also be quite sentimental or open with my feelings on days where I need to unload my thoughts.

A few weeks ago I felt like I needed more pages as I had lots to say so I had to go into the next day.

And a few days ago I had so little to say that it only took up a 4 lines.

Just keep writing.

One day who knows, a novel perhaps?

Happy days.

Ciao xx