Summer = Sandals
Pashmina ta-da.

Holiday capsule wardrobe

When I posted part three of my get organised project, capsule wardrobe, I mentioned that I had orginally set out to create a functional 5 day summer break carry on suitcase. And now I want to talk about that suitcase and how it worked out.

This post will be in two parts. I wanted to record what I had packed and how I thought it would work for me and then when I get back I can finish off the post with how it actually worked! Today, as I start to draft the post, is the 1st of June and our flight is on Wednesday. Over the weekend I caught up with the laundry and we packed our new 'fit for easyjet purpose' carry on suitcases.

So we're off to Barcelona and it looks like we're going to have some fine weather.......

Holiday capsule weather

That doesn't mean I won't take a cardigan which I plan to include in my travel outfit along with my only bulky pair of shoes.

Holiday capsule travel outfit

According to Travelista's Packing Essentials: Summer, you need:
One light jacket
One light cover-up or sweater
One blouse
Two sleeveless tops
Two tees or tops
Two bottoms
Two dresses (day and evening)
Optionals (swimsuit, beach cover up and beach shorts)
Three pairs of shoes
Accessories (hat, sunnies, day bag, evening bag, 2 necklaces, scarf and belt)

So how does my packing list compare (including travel items):
No light jacket
One cardigan
No blouse
No sleeveless tops
Four tees
Three tops
Five bottoms (1 Jeans, 2 shorts, 1 linen trousers and 1 skirt)
No dresses
Optionals (swimsuit)
Three pairs of shoes (converse, evening sandal, Birks)
Accessories (Sunnies, all day bag, 2 necklaces, 2 scarves and belt)


Holiday capsule t shirts


Holiday capsule tops


Holiday capsule bottoms

All packed...

Holiday capsule suitcase

Days will be spent in shorts and tees, and evenings in skirt, linen trousers or jeans and a top. There will be a small overlap, ie some things worn twice, like a top worn at dinner one evening can go another wear on Sunday. After all we're not running marathons! And if I do run a marathon then I'll need to wash a tee or top in the basin and hang in the shower to dry.

I don't ever mix and match when we go away. Normally my holidays are to SA where i'm staying with family and can just wash and dry as I need, and a few years ago we went to Crete where we rinsed clothes each evening and hung them on our balcony to dry overnight. Long weekend trips in the car mean I can take as much luggage, and therefore as many clothes, as I need to.

Here we go.....Bon Voyage!!

10/06/2015 - We're back from an awesome 5 days in the sun. Firstly I want to recommend Barcelona as a travel destination. It's a great city to explore! It has an exciting nightlife, awesome beaches and the sea is beautiful to swim in. Just chose the sandy beach or the pebbles will kill your feet :) The food was spectacular and the beer cold!

The weather when I checked on Tuesday 2nd...

Holiday capsule weather 2

So lets talk about how the holiday capsule wardrobe actually worked.
- At the last minute I threw in a black vest top. It should have been packed as it goes under the very see through blue top!
- My cardigan was great for the early morning flight and the plane which was a little chilly.
- I wore everything I took except the blue see through top as it was just too hot and instead wore the vest top on it's own.
- That vest top came in handy as I wore it a few times, so I did land up washing and wearing. LESSON: Next time take more vest tops!
- I loved my tees. All three were new (two bought just a week before going), and fit into my basics capsule which stay in my wardrobe all year. I wore the tees over my vest top to start the day and took it off when it warmed up. It ws good having with me as I could always then use it as a cover up to go into churches/cathedral and in the heat of the day when the sun was a killer.
- Everything in my holiday capsule mixed and matched.
- I felt confident and comfortable in all my clothes.

One thing I wish I had taken were strappy tops for the evenings. I don't have any following my huge wardrobe clear out and the ones I did have were well past their sell by date. When I need to replace clothes (spring and summer capsule) I will look to add some strappy tops that can be paired with a cardi in the UK and be good for sunny holidays.

Holiday capsule cathedral

It was HOT HOT HOT...

Holiday capsule us 2

I bought a hat out there as I couldn't find one here that I liked. I'm glad I waited as they were half the price. I also bought some new fashion sunglasses as I took my prescription sunnies with me so I could at least see the place rather than just blocking the sun.

My one wardrobe fail was my choice of shoes.
My Birkenstocks that I thought would be perfect gave me horrid blisters :( I tried to patch them with compeed blister plasters but in the heat they moved and I had sticky patches on my shoes which just irritated me. My feet were very sore!
My night time sandals were great for short walks between bars in the cooler evening.
My converse worked fine for the plane as I prefer to limit my trip hazards to what is actually on the ground (or fresh air that I often trip over!) and not add to the issue with a pair of flip flops. They were too hot to wear out there but as we had to pack on the Sunday quite early I wore them for the whole day. They were hot and uncomfortable and gave me two seriously shit blisters!

The footwear fail was self inflicted and vanity induced as I wanted my glittery toe nails on display. What I should have done was wear my crocs. I know they are ugly but hey who cares when you can walk a million miles in them. We did a lot of walking and that certainly didn't help matters.

It didn't stop me though and we saw so much of the beautiful city and had the best time.

Holiday capsule us

I didn't expect to get it 100% right on the first try but I think I came quite close and had we not done 83,000 steps in 5 days my feet might have coped better. I'm looking forward to going away again and planning my holiday capsule wardrobe.

Happy holidays!!

Ciao xx