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Retro Granny Pot Holder

Oh I love this weeks Great Schemers colour scheme. So vibrant and they just screamed retro to me. At first I wanted to find an intarsia rose pattern as I thought I might knit a pot holder, but that just didn't feel 70s enough!

Pot holder

I decided that it had to be a granny and I needed to get a rose pattern into the little 3 treble clusters.

The pattern is very simple but be warned there are A LOT of ends to sew in and if like me you hate them then just a few of these squares will be all you can manage.

So, the foundation circle and round one are in yellow, followed by two rounds of pink. For round 4 I made green granny clusters in the corners and filled in the straight edges in black.
You can carry the colour at the back of the stitches to prevent all those ends but I didn't want the bright green to show through the black.
Then do one final round of black and to finish I did a round of double crochet in grey.

The more I look at this square the more I love it and the possibilities are endless. You could use each of those three bright colours as solid 4 round squares with a black 5th round and then dot the retro granny through the blanket. Here is a little excel sample......

Retro granny sample

Of course you can tone the colours down and go for a more cottage garden look!

Cottage garden colour palette

Oh my hat this has really started something in my brain now. I want to make this rose granny blanket!!

Pot holder close up

Oh happy crochet colour inspiration :)

Ciao xx