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How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

When I moved jobs and changed working hours in August 2014 I decided it was time to get organised. This isn't the first time I had been down this road but this is the first time i've seen real results because i've taken a simple approach.

Saying that you want to be organised is a great first step, it's the second step that can be the problem. It's at this point that you need to be pretty clear about what bits of your life you want to change and making a list and setting some goals is a good approach to actually making it happen.

I knew from day one that the most important change for me was being organised in the kitchen. I wanted a menu plan and efficient way of doing my monthly grocery shop. I also knew that I wanted to put it into action pretty quickly.
And because there was no physical work involved it was a small project that was achieved with little fuss.

Another project I wanted to achieve was a declutter of the downstairs of our house. The goal was having it done in time for Christmas decorating.
This task threatened to fail before it even began as I looked around and felt totally overwhelmed by the enormity of what needed to be done. How on earth had we I managed to collect so much stuff?
Then I remembered that I would only succeed if I took one bite at a time, and I broke the job down into manageable chunks.

I love storage boxes and baskets and believe that there is a box or basket for every job. So I tackled one room at a time and threw out anything that was obviously not needed. For the things that were not so obvious, like the massive gift bag that contained my gift wrapping paraphernalia, I spent a little more time searching for storage that was best suited. I could then take some time deciding if I really needed the 17 000 little organza bags I had saved when I have never actually used one to 'wrap' a gift. I now have a wrapping RUB that holds everything I need for wrapping. And two more that are filled with DVDs.

I used this simple method of organising from room to room and before I knew it I had not only decluttered downstairs but I had done upstairs too! This unfortuantely is not the end of the decluttering story because in order to keep that uncluttered state you need to stop bringing anything else into the house. This is where I fail. If there is a space it needs to be filled!! So as I work on not bringing anything else into the house I find myself needing to do a little more decluttering.

I have two more get organised projects to share......check back soon.

Ciao xx