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Eating an elephant - part 2

Crochet bangles

This weeks theme over at Great Schemers was very spring like so I wanted to make something to add to my spring wardrobe.

I have collected quite a few silver bangles over the years to thought I would have a go at covering them with some cotton yarn.

Covered bangles

This is a great way to use up scraps of yarn!

Covered bangles 2

This project is a little fiddly as you try to hold the bangle steady and keep a good tension on the yarn but it doesn't take long to get into a good rhythm.

Covered bangles close up 2

From right to left:
The first three bangles are simple double crochet, with the first and third twisted in a spiral before joining the lst stitch to the first with a slip stitch. The second bangle I guess will twist a little when I put it on but I really squashed the stitches in so it's tightly packed and quite stiff.
The forth bangle is made using two silver bangles and alternating each double crochet between them (it was very tricky to get the hook between them as the yarn pulled the bangles together towards the end.
The fifth bangle is double crochet around two bangles together. This was much easier and I do like the chunkier look.

I'm going to be having a go at some more and it's so easy to simply cut the yarn off when you want to change the colour to match the season.

Ciao xx