Eating an elephant - part 2
The fast

A little late for this Easter

Week 5 of Great Schemers was a very pretty pastel theme that I thought would be great for an Easter decoration. It's a little late for this Easter but you could get the polystyrene eggs from your local craft store at a discount price so perfect to make ready for next year.

Crochet eggs close up

This was another fiddly project as I wanted the covers to be quite tight and the stitches close together so I used a 2.5mm and 3mm hook.

There are patterns out there in internet land but I found it easier to measure each row around the egg and decide how many stitches to increase and decrease with each row.
If anyone wants more guidance please ask in the comments and i'll do a step by step.

Crochet eggs

I just love this little nest of crochet eggs, and i'm tempted to make more to fill the jar up to the top!

Ciao xx