In the garden
A new Colour Scheme

Mini bunting

I made this bunting for the first colour scheme over at The Great Scheme of Things on the 14th of March.
I love bunting and when the weather warms up I like to adorn the garden with colourful garlands that flap away in the breeze. It makes me think of holidays and warm places and cool swimming pools.

Bunting is quite hard to photograph so I thought that for the purposes of this project I would simply string together three little triangles so I can photograph it as a whole piece.

Bunting 1

What I didn't realise is that I would fall head over heels in love with this teeny beauty and want to make one for every room of the house!

It's the perfect size for my shed!

or above a baby cot, in a caravan, in the bathroom or above a crafting desk.

Bunting 2

I used Rowan hand knit cotton as I have a stash of half balls and these colours were perfect for the scheme. I wanted my triangle to be quite holey and floppy so I used a 5mm crochet hook.
I was going to write out the pattern for the triangle but while searching for an edging, which I found on this lovely blog, I saw that her pattern is pretty much identical to what I did and so well written that it's pointless trying to reinvent the wheel :)
Just a few differences:
I made two chain between each three treble granny on the straight edges,
Three rounds was big enough for me,
I did 5 treble in the 'point' corner not 3.

Bunting 3

I was going to add buttons to the bunting but remembered these sweet paper roses on wire stems I have had for years! I simply threaded the wire through the stitches at the back of the top edging.
There are many safe alternatives for bunting that can be reached by little fingers! Like crochet or felt roses :)

Now I wanted to talk about the construction of bunting in a bit more depth as I have put together quite a few over the years and never been 100% happy with the result. Normally I chain a length of around 45cms and then attached the first triangle by double crocheting into the top right hand corner. And while this seems to be what everyone does, I don't like that the thinness of the chain. I wanted something a little chunkier.

Bunting close up of hanging

For this bunting I made a 45cm chain and worked a row of double crochet back along the length to the beginning. The length does shrink slightly so remember to take that into account.
I then attached the first triangle with a double crochet into the top treble of the first scallop.
I have zoomed into one of the photographs to show you what it looks like...

Bunting close up of join to scallop

I worked double crochet, making 1 dc into the corner chain spaces, 1 dc into each of the trebles and 2 into the chain spaces along the top edge...

Bunting close up of dc edging

When you get to the end of the triangle, double crochet into the top scallop again.

I made three chain inbetween each triangle. The thinner chain doesn't bother me here maybe because it's only three chain. If I made a longer bunting with bigger gaps it may bug me.

 The thing I love about crochet is that a pattern is just a starting point. You will always have your own tweeks to make and things that work better for you.

I love this little project so much!

Ciao xx