Quick and easy stir fry
Boho style

Fit for purpose

When I decided to return to my blog I wondered what aspects of life I wanted to share. Should it be a yarn only space? Would I get back into papercrafting eventually and want to share that too? What about cooking which I enjoy so much more that I have time. Oh and perhaps a bit of the everyday life.

Is it too much to share it all?

Do people really care?

And will there be enough traffic over my blog to even bother with it again?

When I go on a blog hop I admit to wanting to read it all. I love to see what people are creating, but I also want to read about what makes a person tick. What do they like and what inspires them, what makes them mad and what makes them happy. What is their everyday like.

I feel like this when I look at celebrities too. I wonder what fills their 'normal' days. You know the days when they're not due on the red carpet!

My life isn't all rock 'n roll but it's a happy one and I am so content right now.

I am a papercrafter (right now only occasionally)

I'm obsessed with all things yarn and love to knit and crochet

I love to cook and am learning so many new recipes

I am learning about gardening, very slowly!

In 2015 I have written in my diary every day

I am grateful every day for everything I have in my life right now!

Thanks to a lovely long time crafting friend I am slightly obsessed with colouring in. (More on that soon)

I dabble in jewellery making.

I am addicted to buying journals. (This is a serious problem!)

I am on a quest to simplify my life, leaving more time for my hobbies.

If I want to try something new I tend to over research to the point that I don't ever start. (I have so many drawing instruction books and pencils and sketch books ready for when I man up and just do it!)

I am so pleased to be creating with the Great Schemers crew.

And now I'll leave you with a little bit of kitchen inspiration. I love these herb pots on my window sill!

Kitchen herb garden

Happy days!

Ciao xx

PS It's our wedding anniversary today, 8 happy years xx