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Photo book update

I'm really chuffed to bits with the photo books!

PB cover

I wish I could have managed better photos of them but it is very wet outside and very dark inside!

So let's review...

Cover: I chose the linen cover in red for our Cape Town trip and black for 2010/2011 year book. With no sticky fingers handling the books I think the linen covers will survive. I do want to try the hard custom cover too, and I think this would look amazing for my Kruger book with an Elephant or Lion on the cover. With that option you also get to customise the back and spine of the book. I'm not keen on the dust jacket option as they just get scrunched and bent.

Background themes: There are hundreds of free background themes to choose from, from simple to very colourful. For the year in review book I chose the free 'papers' as the topics of each page are so varied, from Christmas to a summer holiday in Crete. You can mix and match between free themes too. For the Cape Town book I chose a £5.00 Hallmark travel theme.

PB page 1

The papers are fantastic and vibrant! You can't mix these with the free papers but you do see all the papers in the collection before you choose it and of course you can change your mind if you decide they don't work. PS that pan of seafood was for two!

PB page 2

Print quality: Most of the photos I have uploaded to snapfish are iPhone photos and my iPhone 4 had a seriously bad camera! I am so impressed with the quality of the book and the photos.

PB page 3

PB page 4

^^ Especially these ^^

My Kruger photos were taken with my DSLR and uploaded to my iPad through iTunes then uploaded to snapfish. Unfortunatly the PC with the original upload on is in PC heaven so this is the only copy I have. I'm interested to see how they print.

Price: A 20 page 8x11 linen cover, free theme book is £19.99. Add £5.00 for a hard custom or dust jacket cover and £10.00 for a leather cover. Add £5.00 for a hallmark theme. Add £1.49 for 2 extra pages. The page layouts range from 1 photo to 7 photos so potentially you can really load the book with photos.

Overall impression: For a scrapbooker this is a great way to document those photos that you probably wouldn't scrap but would still want in an album. I haven't scrapped in a few years but now don't feel guilty about it! And if I feel inspired I can still go back and print any of these photos that I do want to scrap because I have them saved. It's a win win :)
For a non scrapper in the digital age this is a great way of putting your photos in an 'album'. It's great having them at the touch of a phone button but who doesn't love getting the albums out?

I signed up at a great time as there was a January sale going on and if your order was £35.00 and over you received 50% off your goods price. My order was £49.99 (2 linen books with the hallmark extra), so I received a discount of £22.48. Postage was on top. That means that my basic book was free!

By the end of this year I would like to have done the 2012, 2013 and 2014 years in review, Stuarts 50th and birthday trip to Morocco and my 40th birthday books. And hopefully there will be more sales during the year! Better crack on.

(FYI, this review is my personal opinion and not a sponsored post.)

Ciao C xx