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March 2013

In February I started a crochet project and finished a knitting project. I do like the planning stage of a project, choosing yarn, and colours. Reading the pattern over and over (mostly just to freak myself out.)
But finishing a project is something else. The thrill of achievement mixed with the sadness that its over.

So I started a crochet bath matt in all seasons cotton by rowan. It may not actually go in the bathroom, as the colour is not quite right so I was thinking more of a bed side matt as its lovely and soft, perfect for placing sleepy feet on!
My finished project is a cute Debbie bliss top which is just perfect for my summer colour scheme of pink and pink, lol.

I have another knitting project lined up for as soon as bath/bed side matt is done. It's a summer cardi made with the new rowan all seasons chunky. I tell you this yarn is LUSH!!

So besides failing to blog in February, it's been a month of strange weather. Bitterly cold and snowy one week to warm and spring like the next. It's back to bitterly cold and today we have had some snow flurries. Come on spring!!

I will try to blog on a more regular basis ;)
Caz xx