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April 2011

The time has come!

It started in April 2009! With the humble beginnings of a home made custom built garden shed.


That has turned into a Chicken Chateau!


Complete with 4 very happy, sweet chooks. Henrietta, Matilda, Rose and Winnie!

PC130026 (2) 

They are terribly cute and awful time wasters! I find myself stuck by the run for the longest time, when I know I have chores to do!

PC130026 (4) 

Sadly the veggie patch is a dust bowl, being used by Josh to roll about in!

PC130026 (6) 

My coccyx is still very painful and bruised so i'm unable to dig the soil over. I'm not sure if i'll be able to catch up, but I do know that even if I am, i'll be buying all my plants this year and not sewing any seeds. It's far too late to start now! I wonder why I got so behind?

Today I started a crochet tea cosy. It's fab and i'll share photos of my progress and the pattern book during the week x