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I'm very late

This year I am very late starting the veggie patch. Following my fall on Friday, I'm not much use with the tools!

However I am very lucky to have a hard working dear husband and dear step son who both worked tirelessly in the garden on Saturday to clear the patch of weeds and grass and mowed all the lawn ready for the growing season.
There is no way I would have any hope of catching up without their help.

My photo today shows the cleared patch with an almost complete chicken run behind. More about that later!

Last night I finished a quick and simple crochet project started on Sunday. I didn't manage to get a decent photo last night so I will share photos as soon as I have good photographing light.

I love those quick in between projects that can be done while doing a bigger one.

I also finished callums beanie on Saturday. The pattern is so fab and I'm chuffed to bits that I mastered rib. I didn't like it as I thought it terribly slow but after the practice it's not bad at all!

Royal wedding party has exploded with far more people showing an interest than originally thought. Numbers are up to 170 so we have had to stop selling tickets. It's fab that so many families will be joining in!

I bought the new country homes and interiors, period ideas and making magazines this morning and they are all full of vintage tea party/royal wedding ideas. Just in time x

I'm very late

Craft room

So my butt is most definatly broken. Today I can't sit, lay down or walk. Anyone for a game of statues? I am going to work out how I can get some crafting done today though. I have projects to complete!

Yesterday I managed to get out in the garden for a little while, just to supervise really. Callum mowed all our lawn plus around poppy's allotment. Rebecca washed the car and painted the bench. Stuart finished all rebeccas jobs.
I did do a little work painting a shelf unit dear husband has built to go under the new lounge shelves to house technology tower. I don't like it on the shelf.

My photos today are of bedroom 2 make over.
Photo 1 is dear husbands corner, previously on the right of the window. We swapped.
Photo 2 is my corner. My ikea shelves are on my right rather than previously when they were behind me. If you look in the craft room category you can see a before of my craft area.
Photo 3 shows the space that has been created in the middle of the room. I wish I had remembered to take before photos of the whole room!
Photo 4 is the bed with it's new linen. Before it had double bed linen and bedding which is all I had. Now it's got it's own bought with Rebecca in mind.

I am so happy with this room now. It's inspired me to paper craft again, and doing the move reminded me of my stash. Amazing what I found!
It's also a good space for Rebecca. It was seriously a crappy sleeping space for her. Poor thing.
I bought some yarn yesterday to make a rug for the floor space that's been created. I love floor space!

2 rooms to go :) x

Craft room

Craft room

Craft room

Craft room

Kitty pics

Today is not a good day. South Africa are losing the cricket! And the reason I am able to watch this devastating event is that I am home poorly from work. I was in this morning but come mid morning I had to give up.

I fell down the stairs :( I got up early as I had loads to do and thought I could make a start rather than leaving it till after work. On the top step, yes the very top, I lost my footing and slid all the way down! I have some classic bruises and no skin left on my butt. Unfortunately I fell before shower time or else I would have been dressed and saved the skin, lol.

Actually it's no laughing matter but I did laugh my head off standing in the shower. Shock I guess.

No broken bones but I did loose a nail.

My series of photos today is sweet Josh sleeping in the upstairs hallway resting his little paws on the banister. I just couldn't resist snapping him.

Last Sunday my brother and sister in law came for tea. I discussed my plans for the upstairs of our house and was so inspired by the inspiration and ideas offered by SIL that I made a start as soon as they left! I've done the furniture move of bed room 2 which is the room shared by my craft area, dear husbands 'office' and a single bed. It now needs a little cosmetic work which is the fun part. I'll share pics tomorrow :)

Bed room 3 next.

Bonus payment went in the bank yesterday and I had a little spend on new bed linen for our bed and rebecca's bed. I do like bonus x

Kitty pics

Kitty pics

Kitty pics

BBQ season is open

BBQ season opened yesterday with the warmest, sunniest day I think we had gad so far in 2011.

I went out in the morning to stock up the freezer and buy some braai meat as it promised to be a warm day. By the time I got home I was feeling very hot in my jeans and long sleeve top. After a quick round of my neighbours to sell royal wedding tickets, I changed into crop jeans and a short sleeve top.

Standing in the sun painting the wooden fence it felt like I was getting burnt however the sun was not strong enough for that :)

It felt so amazing to be out in the garden and productive. Some years winter can certainly feel very long.

The only downside to all this garden productivity is the lack of time for knitty and hooky business! I didn't do one stitch :( Not good.

My photo of the day was taken on Friday night from the kitchen door. The sun was shining brightly in a clear blue sky.

It's just a shame the sun didn't want to come out again today x

BBQ season is open

A gift from a friend

Some gifts are special and too precious. Today I received one of these. A box of freshly laid eggs. I will be having two for my breakfast in the morning :)

Tonight we ordered the decorations for the royal wedding. Well phase one of the decorations. Such excitement in the house!!

It's my rota day tomorrow. I have so much to do at home but I want to go to knit and chat too. We have a stitch and bitch session at the pub tomorrow night, so maybe one session a day is enough.
To be honest a day of total rest would suit me. But I don't want to waste the day!
Oh dear me ;)

I must think what project to do next x

A gift from a friend

A busy weekend

Well it's been a busy weekend! It's good to be busy again, winter can be a bit boring as we do like to be in doors mostly.

Saturday was glorious and I got stuck into the flower beds and did a brown wheelie bin a tidying up and weeding. I also started to prepare the shed for summer. I can see me spending alot of time in there :)

I made a concerted effort to get sunburst poncho done and it worked because..... It's done!! I love it :) May even wear it to work tomorrow!

Today we were in the village hall making bunting. It was a community project and great to get so many Woman Of Wymondley in one place together, creating :)
I bought some fabric home as homework.

A bit tired tonight x

A busy weekend

Sunny Saturday

It's a beautiful sunny day in Hertfordshire. The cricket is on, and SA are doing appallingly! Hey ho.

I have 10 small motifs left to do on sunburst poncho. Then a load of sewing in ends and fringe to make. I would like it to be done by the end of the weekend.

Callum's beanie is growing nicely. I will be able to bring it back home when poncho is finished. Once done, I will take his blanket into work as my lunch time crafting.

Tomorrow we have a bunting making session in the village hall. Really looking forward to it. Village life in full swing :)

This weekend I will also be doing a lot of thinking about work. The contracts were handed out on Thursday/Friday so we finally know the new salaries. I am happy with mine, although it would have been nice if it were higher. But I guess we all think that about our salary all the time!
My only concern now is the travel. I have to be 100% sure I know what I'm getting into. A year is a long time to be unhappy with 5.15am starts!! I will be making a pro vs con list.

My candy striped hyacinth is in full bloom and has had to be tied up as the flower heads are SO big and heavy. The fragrance is filling the whole house and really does raise my spirits.

Okay, time to get back to sunburst poncho x

Sunny Saturday

Sunburst poncho progress!

At last! Did I say I love it? Probably, but I must say it again. I love it!

The small motif crochets up quickly and gives the poncho structure and form. I did wonder if it would be suitable with just the large motifs but it's far too holey!

I did one small before photographing last night just to show how it fits in and after taking the photo I finished the row, that's how quick they go!!

29 motifs to go x

Sunburst poncho progress!

Charity store treasure

My photo today is of my charity store plate. The more I look at it, the more I love it. It reminds me of my gram, if you knew her you would know why but it's something I can't explain.

Yesterdays goddaughter quality time was a blast! I loved it :) She is a people now and I could really interact with her and I hope she had fun too. Without sounding like I'm wishing her life away, I am looking forward to doing crafty stuff with her when she's older.

I know I said I would have a sunburst poncho status photo for you today but I am one motif away from completing the large motifs! A photo tomorrow will be better ;)
Ooh I did try the motif in White prima and it looks lovely. I'm thinking of using it on another project. More about that later!

Today has been a lazy day. And a sucky cricket day, with SA losing to England! Aack! I have to face everyone at work tomorrow.

Royal wedding plans are running full steam ahead. Lol, you would think we were planning the actual wedding. And really if plans down at Westminster go pear shaped they can just come up here <3 We have it all under control x

Charity store treasure