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Sunday craft

Oh I am so excited, sunburst poncho is FAB! I am loving it although the join row can go horribly wrong if you're not concentrating, lol. Still a fair way to go but with every ball finished I love it more!

The yarn below is for the Rosie tank from the RCK book. It's a close up of the yarn bought on thursday. I'm nervous to make a garment as I worry about the sizing. A wrap or shawl will always fit and can easily be enlarged with a few more rounds or rows.

The colour in real life matches the cornflower blue of my new ck box bag perfectly!

Another sporting day today. This is turning into a regular thing but soon the sun will come out and life will return to the garden :) I can't wait.

We were going to BBQ this afternoon but the sun shine we had this morning soon turned to rain :(

Never mind, the food has gone into the oven now and smells delish xxx

Sunday craft

Another sporting weekend

It's been another lazy afternoon watching sport. My SA rugby team won their game against the Auckland blues. They are doing very well in the super rugby tournament!

While watching I am busy with sunburst poncho. I'm on motif 20. I can start to picture the final product now :)

Photo of the day is ck pretty Rose box bag. So cute! I was saving it for Crete but I think it may be my new handbag.

Last night my pal Sarah and I went to the pub for a trial stitch and bitch session. We're getting a group together to go once a month for a few glasses of wine and the sharing of yarny inspiration. We had such a laugh and talked plenty, that we didn't get much stitching done, lol. Oh well :)

Tonight is a quiet one with crochet, steak for dinner and how to train your dragon DVD xxx

Another sporting weekend

Shopping day

Sometimes we need a BIG dose of retail therapy to lighten the dark days and lift the spirits.

Today I had one of those! And it was the best fun :)
First stop JL. I bought yarn for a RCK project, although I wasn't going to get it this month, a ball of rowan dk for another beanie as I had half a ball left. Rose soap, 2 tea towels, for every day use, ck lip gloss, just because it's nice ;) A ck box bag (sigh), a pair of socks and a wrap. Oh and cable needles.

I am a happy girl!

Then I popped into Jolie to pick up more prima for sunburst poncho and 3 balls of big wool which I had put aside for a shrug. I have the rest so it made sense to being it home. I didn't stay long as it's knit and chat and they were waiting on their coffees.

Last stop sainsburys. 2 pots of hyacinths, 2 bunches of tulips and a bunch of roses :) And cat food, lol

Home now to watch cricket and crochet xx

Shopping day

And it grows

I am on square 12 of sunburst poncho. Crochet really does grow fast! I do however only have one ball (which I will start on motif 13) left. My plan is to get more on my day off on Thursday. Not sure they will still have the same die lot but with crochet squares/motifs it doesn't really matter much.

I also plan to buy yarn for at least one other of the projects in the river camp knits (let's call it RCK) pattern book. Not sure which one though! And this all depends what and how much yarn jl have in store. I do find haby a bit of a let down sometimes!!

Talking of jl, I have a job update to share. The contract I received last Friday was for the permanent job, which I didn't want. But i have accepted the 12 month tech job with the redundancy at the end if a sm job doesn't come up within the year. My start date depends on the transition plan but I have stated my preference to go when the new team leave us for the new building. It makes sense as I will be training them and the time they spend in Stevenage is far too short to learn everything! It's all exciting and I feel better knowing that a decision has been made. It also feels a bit sad and real :(

No other news to share today xxx

And it grows

Progress photo

Why are weekends so short? I could have done with another pajama day :)

Progress on sunburst poncho is good, I'm on motif 10 joining as I go. I've started at the neck and working in rounds so I can keep trying it on. That's the exciting part!!

Hoping to have a day off on Thursday to do a bit of shopping and my big craft room move. I figure if I start on Thursday I will have it done by Sunday. I need time to pack stuff away or else I just shove it anywhere and I can't find anything.

No plans tonight, so an early one I think xxx

Progress photo

Happy dear husband

Yesterday was a productive day. Dear husbands beanie is done and I am so happy with how it turned out. The pattern was so simple to follow (for a novice like me!) and the sewing up (something I don't enjoy) worked out well too.
All in all a successful project!

Knitted bag has been washed again and it's still not shrunk enough. It's too fluffy and I think it's a confirmed failure and will be disposed of :(

I crochet'd a motif for the sunburst poncho (cover photo of pattern book I posted last week) last night just to see how it turned out. The plan was to pack it away and get on with finishing a started project. But alas I just kept going ;) So far I've done 4 and joining as I go. Love it when a pattern does that. I'm not a fan of joining at the end! It doubles the project making time.

Talking of the project list, I've updated it...

Prima poncho - started
Callum's blanket - started
Cotton glacé throw - started
light blue shrug - started
Kidsilk haze pashmina- started
Teal shrug - have yarn
Rowan 4ply socks - have yarn
Dk socks x 2 - have yarn
Cocoon felted bag - done
Stuart's beanie - done
Jolie arms - not doing

I've started taking some yarny project to work to do at lunch. So will take callums blanket which I can leave under my desk and is easy to pick up and requires little thinking.

Yesterday was also a good sporting day. India won their opening match against Bangladesh convincingly. I do enjoy watching India play :) The sharks (my SA team) won their super 15 match against the cheetahs.

Joshy climbed into my Jolie knitting bag last night so it's in the wash! Silly pussy cat <3

Today is pajama day (yesterday was too, did I mention it?). Rugby, cricket and hooky business makes for a good Sunday xxx

Happy dear husband

Happy dear husband

Happy dear husband

I'll try socks

Wow it's been a long week. I am so glad it's finally the weekend!

Thursday night we had a royal wedding party planning meeting at the pub. There was a great turn out and we got lots organised and arranged. Plenty sub comities have gone off to prepare. I'm heading the decoration team :)
Next meeting is scheduled on the 17th of march.

13th of march we're having a bunting making session in the village hall. Its for use at the village fete although we have already got a booking for hiring it and we'll use it for the wedding too. As well as some red White and blue bunting.

My job offer came in the post yesterday, not quite accurate so I will take it into work next week when personnel are in. Still no salary confirmation though! That's the real important thing.

My photo today is yarn I bought last Saturday in a cute wool shop in baldock. Two balls, two pairs of socks. One for me, one for dear husband. They are 2 needle socks, and I'm looking forward to starting them. Not sure where they sit in my project schedule ;)

Today the plan is to finish dear husbands beanie. I'm on the decrease rows now.

ICC cricket world cup started today with India playing Bangladesh. India are batting and setting a good score!
I love cricket!

So to knit I go xxx

I'll try socks


Sometimes in crafting we have a disaster. Last night I had one of those. Poor felted bag was a down right failure! I am so upset :( It's not just the £42 yarn bill that is wasted but also the time and the let down when your finished article is not what you had thought.

My mistake though and I hold my hands up to making a stupid calculation resulting in the bag not coming out the required size. I don't think cocoon is a good yarn to felt either and I feel let down that it was recommended (hard sell) to me.

My before felting dimensions were all wrong so the bag doesn't sit right and will be a pain to use. The fluff that is coming off it will ruin all my clothes so I fear I will not use it.

There is only one thing to do, bin it!

Big disappointment in the house.

But dear husbands beanie is progressing nicely so I have finishing that off to look forward to. And my new projects to get started.

I'm blogging on my tea time today so I must finish off now xx



Before felting

Just a quick post tonight!

Felted bag is all knitted up ready to felt. This is the bit that always scares me, I worry that it's going to shrink to barbie doll size, lol.

Dear husbands beanie is growing nicely. I hope to have it done by the weekend so I can start the prima poncho. I cannot wait to make a start :) such crafty excitement going on here right now.

Not heard any more about the job yet. I meant to pop into my managers office this afternoon to check on progress but I was too busy. Must do tomorrow!

I am planning a big craft room/office move but I need to make sure I have a clear week to do it, as it's going to be a mammoth job. Tonight I have nails, tomorrow we have a royal wedding planning meeting and Friday we may be out with friends. Saturday I could start but the kids might come down so I won't have space to do the move. Mmmmm I need space and time for this big project.

But now nails xxx

Before felting

I've spoilt myself

Two new pattern books just jumped into my bag at knit and chat this morning.

The cute and easy crochet book is a treat of inspiration. And I have already got three things picked out to make over the summer. The one is the fab tea cosy on the cover with those fabtastic flowers blooming out the top.
Oh and I have lots of scraps that I can use so no immediate outlay of cash!

The book is by Nicki Trench who also has a shop where she runs crafty courses. And it's not far from me!

The second book is just amazing! And again I have three projects already picked out. It's Amy butler for rowan.

The project I was talking about on Sunday is in this book and I'm using prima yarn in black rather than the belle organic.

The other two I will use the belle organic yarn in summer colours.

So flippin' excited to get started. But I need to finish dear husband beanie and the cocoon messenger bag before doing anything else!!

So what am I still doing here xxx

I've spoilt myself

I've spoilt myself