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Besides the crochet I shared last week I have also made this cute plane! Although I made it our my head the concept is not my own! I was sent a photo and thought it would make a great birthday gift for a friend who is into planes!

It was a challenge and having almost finished I changed my mind about the design and started over, 2 days before the birthday! Yikes it was a close call.

Blogging by phone is a great idea however I can't work out how (or even if I can) put photos in the text body. The challenge is blogging about multiple themes.

We had a few days away last week and a big move around in the house both of which I'd like to share but I think they will need to be separate posts.

We're expecting snow in the uk tomorrow although not sure it will reach Hertfordshire. I do hope so, although poor Stuart will need to use public transport if it does which is not nice for him.

As I'm getting back into the swing of blogging I will have more regular updates so if you've been checking in over the last few months, thanks for hanging in there!



It's been a long time

Wow it's been a long time again! But I have just uploaded the typepad app to my iPhone so I should be able to blog any time, anywhere. That is if I can work this thing out, I've already deleted my post once!

I won't say too much in case I delete it again, so I'll just leave you with a photo of my latest crochet project :)


It's been a long time