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September 2010

The saga....

of the broadband has been a rollercoaster! And the short story is BT have gone. They have taken their phone line and their broadband and GONE. And YAY I say to that. I've never experienced anything like it in my life.

So now we have a dongle, and a very sweet thing it is too. It's with O2 and works a little treat. We are still in the process of getting back on line full time but until we have a decent service provider in our village it's really not worth getting poor signal and service from a big company that charge big rates and can't deliver. Seems pointless.

The plus in all of this, is my internet time has dropped dramatically (YAY I say to that too) and my hooky time has increased! This time of year is just perfect for getting some new yarn and starting a YUMMY new project.

But more of that later. Right now I have a few more layouts to share.

My Goddaughters mum has taken a photo of her each month on her birth date to show how she has grown in her first year. She has also taken a lot of firsts photos. Here are a few.

Zara 1st halloween

03 Zara first xmas 

Zara first ice cream 

Now that we have some internet access, i'll try pop on a bit more!