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Before you think.....

i've dropped off the planted again, I thought I would share some of 2010s layouts. Last week I realised I haven't put 1 layout on this blog all year!!

So lets get Christmas 2009 out the way :)

01 christmas 1 

01 christmas 2 

01 christmas 3 

01 christmas 4 

I think this range of Christmas paper is my favourite since starting scrapping in 2003! My Minds Eye, The Merry Days of Christmas. So lush!!

I'm on the look out for 2010s Christmas papers now. I like to take my photos with the paper in mind. A little different I know, but it works :)

We've had no internet since last Thursday. Living in a village has technical problems and since BT took the decision to upgrade our internet into their own hands, our poor hub has been frantically searching for the fast connection, which of course we don't get here, so it's just not picked up anything! Thankfully the man came out today and told them to switch it back and Voila Viola, we are back online, phew.

Today while I was waiting for said BT man, I did three layouts and painted a daisy on a canvas. It needs a bit of touching up before sharing, and i'm really chuffed with how it's turning out that I may even put it up! Maybe in the shed ;)

And now it's time to go and have a cup of tea and dinner (macc cheese!!) and maybe do a spot of crochet.

Till another day!

Goodness it's been awhile.....

since I was last here! But thankfully my time away has been fullfilled and I achived so much.

31 05 garden (5) 

The garden has flourished and bloomed in an array of colours that has filled my heart with JOY.

31 05 garden (1) 

The veggie patch has gone from strength to strength.

July (3) 

Our family of blue tits that nested in the bird house outside the kitchen window have been a delight and I have spent many happy hours leaning on the kitchen counter, tea in hand, watching the comings and goings of mum and dad as they fed their growing brood. Happily they all came back to the garden to feast on peanuts and suet blocks after leaving the nest.

06 06 garden (5) 

I have also spent many hours here.....

04 07 2010 (1) 

Moving from the blanket to the lounger depending on which side I was cooking ;) With plenty reading material.....

04 07 2010 (2) 

.....and a bit of crochet to keep me occupied.

04 07 2010 (3) 

I must photograph and share the work inside the bag in this photo. It's finished and I wear it often :) Well worth making when you wear it all the time!

Well I've got to go finish off dinner now and read my new magazines. I will be back soon as i've just realised i've not shared one layout yet this year and i've been keeping up with the monthly layouts I started as part of IACWs project 2009.