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March 2010

Spring is most definately in the air!

And the April showers seem to have arrived early....

But the house is filled with tulips :)

March 16 post (1) 

And they fill my heart with joy.

March 16 post (2) 

Do you see the jug on the cover of the latest country homes & interiors?? All warn out looking?? See my tulip jug?? Mum and I found it in Hitchin market about 3 years ago. It was going to be hung in a tree outside, but I chose instead, to use it as a paint brush pot. Now it's a flower pot!

 March 16 post

There is tons of fabulous colour inspiration in this mag. Spring 2010 is bright!

Talking of bright, the sun has been out over the past week :) It is amazing how a little sun shine makes the world a better place. And makes people a little happier.

March 16 post (4) 

The bringer of unwanted guests has been too cute just lately. I think he knows he's been bad. Poor thing. He just wants lots of love and attention, and he is certainly getting his fill while Stu is in SA. Josh is now lord and master of our,sorry, HIS house ;)

March 16 post (5) 

Back in January I did two weekends overtime, and over and above our overtime pay we received a £50 bonus for doing both weekends. So being as it was a BONUS I thought it should be used on something/s totaly outrageous.....

Ha, how cool are my Cath Kidston tea towels :)

March 16 post (6) 

I love having two decorative and one for use tea towels hanging in the kitchen. These are so perfect for spring and summer :) And they add a splash of colour. When I got home I just ripped the packaging off and hung them up.

March 16 post (7) 

But that isn't all I bought with my £50......Introducing my bag for SS10, ta da.......

March 16 post (3) 

Isn't she beautiful?? Oh my it was love at first sight.

And as it's March and spring is here {almost} she has to be used, every day!**swoon**'s 11.05 Friday night and I hear alot of running and disturbance downstairs. I think we have another unwanted guest. Excuse me while I go take care of it...


Today is a hard day...

So on Sunday I bought my usual bunches of roses, and again I decided to buy three different colours. I also tried a different way of displaying them.......I have some old milk bottles so put 5 roses in each and put them on the window sill of the bathroom.

Well by last night all the yellow ones were dead. Yes only the yellow. Because I had thought that the rad was making the room too hot and that's why, but it was only the yellow ones.

Do you know that my dad and other mum had yellow roses at the wedding? Do you know that my dad passed away 15 years ago today? Do you think he was sending me a 'hello'?

I do.

And it makes my heart smile :)

It was me to post on IACW today and i've made some little 'pin' embellishments. Don't know their proper name. It was fun...




It's been a very challenging time at work, so i'm not going to spend loads of time writing tonight but I do have loads of layouts to still upload and i'll get to them soon :)