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February 2010

A little ripple disaster!

Oh it breaks my heart!!

You know I have a cat......And you know he is terribly cute but also awfully naughty.....Well cute cuddly Josh brought a mouse into the house. A very cute tiny mouse. Said mouse must have been terrified! Being chased about by a huge bully of a cat.

So he must have been SO VERY pleased to have found a cosy place to hide! Inside my knitting bag......surrounded by ripple lushness.

And I bet he didn't intentionally CHEW A FLIPPIN HOLE IN MY RIPPLE LUSHNESS, RIGHT!!

Heavens only knows how I didn't strangle the bloody cat. But I had to pull out almost half my blanket to get to the chewed bit. And I am so fed up of the whole fiasco that I can't bring myself to ripple anymore :(

Okay, okay I know it's silly and I will get back into it, but I fear for the blanket and can't leave the bag next to the couch anymore incase the stupid cat brings another one in!

Oh and to top it all off, the following evening when Josh is having his dinner, the same scared little mouse marches up to his bowl and steals a piece of food! From right under his nose, and does he chase the darn thing? No, he just carrys on eating. Needless to say the mouse died, and it wasn't me, I actually begged for his life, what a fool I am!

And breath......

The March 2010 issue of Country Homes and Interiors has been such an inspration to me this month. Maybe because it's so full of colour and FANTASTIC ideas for spring decor!

This photo had me mesmerised....

Mixed colour roses 

How FAB is this kitchen! And how delightful having roses in three different colours at once...


 How beautiful


And this artical on Hyacinths opened my eyes to just how beautiful they really are. I hadn't noticed before!


Do you see my new spoon rest and flower pot? The spoon rest was a gift and the pot I bought as a holiday gift to myself ;)


This week the kitchen also got two more hasn't been photographed yet but this one has! A terracotta utensil pot.


We had a stainless steel pot for the knives but it was just too ugly it had to go!

I am totally LOVING my kitchen right now. I think it may be the best room in the house!

And I must show off my other holiday gift to myself, totally OTT, lol, but I love it.


I really can't wait to use it, although I am NOT praying for rain! Maybe it's better suited to shade me from the sun, haha!

Oh it's been a lovely week off, i've had such a relaxed time and done so many me things. Even on Thursday when I had a bad tummy, I was at home and caught up on chores and dabbled in a new craft. Well it's not totally new to me but I had fun with it! All will be revealed in March....on the 31st :) Ooh that's also our wedding anniversary.

I have a stack of layouts to scan so look out for those soon.

Till then :)

Ripple update

haPPy vaLEntines day!

Today for me is bitter sweet. It's a day of love but also the day my darling gram passed away. I love and miss her every day and do you know I still have her mobile number is my phone. Each time I do a tidy up of numbers I can't bring myself to delete it :( One day maybe, i'll be ready.

I wanted to show off my ripple blanket no. 3 :)

You remember the colours....


Now see them together in treble goodness.....


 And I KNOW it's going to look fab on Callums bed ;)


As this room is also our craft/office/study space, it will bring joy each time I walk in :)

Ooh and do you see my bag! I love it and can't wait to take it to Jolie on Tuesday for knit and chat!

Okay i'm off to make another cup of tea and craft a little.


PS mum it was so lovely to chat to you today! Love you lots xxx 

A slight delay

There has been a slight delay in starting ripple 3. I did 3 rows and decided my 4mm hook was too small. The ripple was very scrunched so it was taken back to the beginning.

I popped into Jolie (they have a BLOG, YAY!!) on Tuesday to buy a 5mm and tonight I make that start! So yes, how cool that Jolie has a blog :) I can now visit them every day.

I had such a giggle when I went onto Lucys lovely blog, because she had the very same reaction to the latest country living artist profile article that I did. And she also rushed straight over to Odd Mollys website to see their FABTASTIC crochet garments. Two posts ago I mention another project that I need to speak to mum about and, lol, it's a crochet garment! The trend is coming back and I am so excited!!

I wanted to have a photo to share as I hate blogging without one, but if I had to wait i'd probably only update next week sometime and I am trying to be better, lol!

So for now, Ciao!