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Ripple mania

I'm not one to do things by half. If I get bitten by something that I enjoy doing I really jump in with both feet.

My ripple blanket is finished. And I love it. I've not taken another photo but it's not much bigger than it is on the last post so i'm not going to. Not in the artificial light of the house anyway.

But as one project comes to an end, another must start :D


Introducing ripple number three! I had 9 balls of Rowan Calmer in the darker blue. I started knitting a jumper back in 2006/7, it got pulled out and I started a shrug, but then decided I didn't like that either! It's a cotton which I didn't think would work for a blanket but it's surprisingly warm. I tested the warmth using the bit I had knitted into the shrug.

So yesterday I went to John Lewis, and bought 4 balls of the green and 4 of the pale blue to add to the 9 balls to start a ripple blanket for Callum. I'm planning it the same size as mine, so I think the 17 balls will be enough. It's also going to be a planned pattern. 2 rows dark blue, 2 rows green, 2 rows dark blue, 2 rows light blue, 2 rows dark blue etc etc.

Random, which is what my blanket is, is actually quite hard! Because you decide you will just pick colours at random, but then when you pick one you HAVE to look back at the blanket to see when you last used it. VERY HARD! lol.

Tomorrow we start our new rotas at work. It's very exciting because we actually get a day off each month. So i've decided to book the 4 days around my planned day off this month, to have a week off. If I book my holiday wisely I can have 5 full weeks off each year.

I've also planned for my day off to be a Tuesday so I can go to knit and chat at Jolie once a month.
I've not been to knit and chat for ages, so i'm really looking forward to it! I also want to buy some cotton to crochet an Attic24 bag for my lovely cousin Danni (HI!). I would buy it at JL but they still have all the winter colours in!

It's my turn to post on IACW today. The title of my post is I Scrap for Me.

Right, i'm off now to start ripple number 3.


The end is near.... was the last time the finance forum members will attend a distribution forum meeting. It was a sad day. It's sad to say goodbye to people we have worked with so closely over the past year. It's sad to know that on Friday the doors shut on the Stevenage distribution centre. I have only worked at Stevenage for two and a half years, but in that time I have NEVER felt so welcomed and part of a team as I have here. I am sad, but now I need to focus on my constituants and make sure I support them through the changes that we know are coming.

But as a bonus we did have a personal tour, given by the GM, of the new distribution centre in Milton Keynes. It was un'flippin'believable!! I have never seen anything of that scale. Watching videos and seeing photos did not do it justice and I was totally speachless. Doesn't happen too often, but WOW!! Incredible.

So as that door closes, we hope another opens.....

And now to something completely different. A hooky update.


My ripple wonderfulness is growing nicely and in fact it is nearing completion. Sitting/lying on the sofa she reaches from my toes up to my chin :) I don't want to have yarn over so I will keep going until it's done, but I think that will be soon! 

I have 9 balls of Rowan cashsoft aran that I bought in the JL clearance sale. No idea what i'm making with it yet, but at £2.25 a ball, I couldn't say no! And I know 9 balls will be enough to make something substantial, so well worth the saving! The colour is 001 Oat, but it doesn't look anything like the one in the link. It's got a minky sheen to it. Gorgeous.

I have another project in mind, but need a conference with DMM (Dear Mad Mother) before I even think about buying the yarn. It works in my head, but i'm not sure if it will actually work. I've been thinking about it for months so it's not a 'jumping in with two feet' project, that I tend to embark on every now and again, lol.

It was my turn to post on IACW today and I made an easy grunge board mini book.


Very simple but practical and hopefully hard wearing book. Wish I had more grunge board cause I could do with using it for my.....hold on, no wait. Will come back to that ;) 

Right as I feel like I have a cold coming on, I am going to take a tablet, have a mug of tea and hook for a while. I can hear pots and pans downstairs so hopefully DDH (Dear Darling Husband!) is making the dinner.

Thanks for popping by.

Christmas 2009

haPPy nEw yEAr!!

We have had such a lovely festive season and i've been spoilt rotten :)


Don't you just love my vintage fabric knitting/crochet bag? THANKS STU!

Our tree looked lovely, and VERY full and we had so many gifts to open on Christmas day.



 This years table was laid in red, white and green. The design started with the stripy serviettes, and then I spied matching crackers, HOW COOL!


I bought al cheapo ASDA napkins for place mats, cause with white you can't be too fussy if they get messed on! It was simple but I loved it :)

And now onto 2010. I am full of crafting ideas for the new year and of course IACW project for 2010 is going to be a GREAT ONE! So flippin exciting.

I'm also going to make more of an effort to update my blog. Although it's not the most read {lol} understatement of the year :D, it's my piece of the world wide web and I find it theraputic. So lets see if I can make it a bit more regular ;)

But for now I have some knitting to do, cause I have a very overdue gift to finish!

Bye for now.