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December 2009

Just a quick one....

while the dinner is bubbling away.

I didn't finish updating about what craftyness i've been getting up to while awol.

Inspired by Attic24 i've whipped up a few pairs of wrist warmers. These are so easy although I decided to get fancy and try make them in a round. IE, like a cylinder. It's not working, but I will persevere cause really it should work!


This was the first pair, which I made for a friends birthday and I think turned out the best!


I've done a pair in these two gorgeous colours for Rebecca for Christmas. There where to be for me BUT the yarn was different to the first pair and they came out quite small. Shame really, lol. (Again I forgot to photograph before wrapping)

My pair haven't been photograped yet.

And then I thought about making a crochet cushion for my niece, as part of her Christmas parcel.


I used the yarn left over that I used to putt my Granny Scarf together. The colours are brighter in real life.

Right dinner must be done, I must dash!

Another month...

has flown by and here I sit wondering where the time has gone.

I started a journal your Christmas album on the 1st of December.


although I had NO intention of doing one this year, but hey, I guess that's how it is with crafters, we get a bee in our bonnet and go with it. I wanted a planner and it evolved into a journalling planner :)


I am super excited that ripple blanket 2, the baby blanket gift for my Goddaughter Zara, is complete. BUT, haha, I didn't take any photos before washing and wrapping and flippin giving it to Kirsty to go under their tree. CAN YOU BELIEVE MY STUPIDITY?!?! Really how silly. Anyway they are coming to ours for the traditional new years day BBQ, so i'll get a few pics then.

The tree is up and I had a real treat this year. My neices came for a sleep over on the Friday night before the tree was scheduled to go up, so we brought it forward and I had three very excited little helpers which made the night even more special. I love putting the tree up :)

My declutter mission is in full swing. The poor shed is filling up with stuff for car boot in the spring and my house is starting to breath a sigh of relief. It is truely amazing, how my crap we collect over time.

Work is still manic, but we have been given the go ahead to do overtime, so at least the additional work we have been given (ie to help the processors) can be done as additional hours, leaving us to do our own work during the normal working day.
Unfortunatly overtime means I loose an hour at home each evening, and it's been very odd getting used to arriving home after Stu. It also means I loose that hour when I did my chores, like washing, preparing dinner and emptying the dish washer. I like to get that out the way before Stu gets home.
But the overtime won't last forever and we will get back to some sort of normality.

Anyway most of my Christmas shopping is done, just a few more bits to get for Stu, nieces and brother and sister-in-law. Everything I have bought so far has been wrapped and is under the tree.
I'm only giving Christmas cards to a few people this year, the rest will receive a Christmas email (sorry folks), and what I would have spent of cards and postage will go to the JLP Charity of the year which is contact the elderly. A good and most deserving cause!

And that all for now folks. I'm having a day off and now need to go make a cup of tea and get down to some crafting. Stu has the car as he has a course today so i'm using it as an excuse to stay in and craft. BLISS!

haPPy dAy!!