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October 2009

We're home.....

Sadly our trip to the west country has come to an end. But it will not be forgotten. Oh no, I have fallen in love with that corner of this country and was quite willing to just stay. What brought me home more than anything was my kitty!

Our first stop was the new forest and the little village of Lyndhurst, where we had a glorious visit with the most wonderful and close to my heart Bush family. Thanks for a great night! Love you guys loads.

We then headed south to the coast and followed it West. We didn't get as far as we wanted on day 2, and spent the night in Beer. Not the frothy smelly stuff, the town of Beer.

West country holiday 09 

 We were very lucky with the weather, and didn't have one spot of rain!

West country holiday 09 (1) 

 Although we didn't have these blue skies for the whole week! Unfortunatly

St Ives, was our base and we booked a suite at the Porthminster Hotel, which we got for half price because they are having some refurb work done and the scaffolders were encasing the place.

King sized bed, beautiful sea views and a spa bath......priceless!

West country holiday 09 (3) 

 The scaffolders didn't get around to our side of the hotel, so our sea view was not hampered at all!

West country holiday 09 (2) 

 Oh I could have bought it all! And lugged it back up the hill to the hotel!

West country holiday 09 (4) 

 And we relaxed....

West country holiday 09 (6) 

 And drank ice cold wine on the beach....and ate....and ate, mussels, crab, steak and prawns, and lamb shank and more mussels, and braised beef, and oh it was glorious!

 To be beside the sea......

West country holiday 09 (5) 

 The wildlife were a little scary when you had an ice cream cone in your hand!

West country holiday 09 (9) 

 And sitting on the beach seemed like a good time to photograph my latest hooky project.

West country holiday 09 (7) 

 I have been wanting to try a ripple blanket for ages, and having read and looked at just about every pattern ever written, I chose Lucys Attic24 neat ripple. And just so you know, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a ripple and it's neat. And it's easy. And it's so pretty!

West country holiday 09 (8) 

Ooh do you like my new crochet hook? I love, love, love it! So light and easy on the fingers :)

It wasn't ever my intention to use my crochet bag for crochet, but it fits, so well. So there it is, crochet in a crochet bag. Neat and tidy and always available ;) 

And now it's back to reality. Washing, shopping, cleaning house and work. Oh I do miss St Ives....