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September 2009

Ta daaaaa

It's done! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


So pleased with how it's turned out.


I will publish a page with full instructions soon :)

I'm not wishing winter to come sooner than it must, but I really can't wait to wear it.

haPPy hUMp dAy!!

I'm flying.....

through tonight as I have a BIG project on my desk and haven't got much space to move about. But I wanted to leave a progress photo of the crochet scarf.


The colours are GORGEOUS!! It has such a vintage look about it :)

I've done 170 squares so far, they really are going quick. Just need to decide if it wil be 5 or 6 squares wide. My gut says 5 as it's an odd number. So if it's 5 wide, based on 170 squares, makes it 34 rows. And at 4cms per square, it works out to 136 cms long. That's where I am now. I want it longer. Quite a bit longer. So I keep going until I run out of wool. Then I go and top up my wool. I love the wool shop!

Right back to my BIG project. It's for IACW. I'll be posting it on the 18th of September. A day before the crochet scarf reveal! Best get moving.....


A new month....already!

Wow, September already! How on earth do we slow time down a little?

I only have two more August layouts to share today, because I haven't gotten around to scanning the rest yet.

08 wk2 august 08 

08 wk2 july 09 

These are my IACW Project 2009 layouts.

I feel like loads crafty and otherwise has happened lately that i've not blogged about, but now that I come to blog I can't think of much.

So lets cover all bases :)

Work is pants. Still. Our new system is still (YES it's been 6 months), not working properly. I'm not sure we will ever find out who's bright idea it was to implement this system, for fear that we will lynch him! But today we had a very positive visit, and we had the opportunity to voice some our concerns.

The garden is still looking okay although I have had to do some major clearing and dead heading. I can see the end of summer gaps so I know what/where to fill next year. I'm not buying any more plants this year. The shed is almost finished. We need to put a door on the chicken coop and do the fencing. The shed part is all done and I have decorated it with shelves, hanging pots and there is a place for everything and everything is in it's place. I love having my garden tools in there and most importantly out of Stuart's garage.

I am a haPPy hOOker! I am so loving crochet right now, that I have plans to make all sorts of things. Right now I am working on a granny square scarf.

This yarn just fell into my basket last Saturday and I am 65 squares in.


My inspiration came from Country Living...


You can read more and click links here.

I've not started my green kidsilk haze yet because when I went to the yarn shop I was faced with about 5 patterns that I could do, but couldn't make my mind up, so i'll need to think more!

And this bank holiday, for the first time on AGES (I don't really like bank holiday crowds), we went on a day trip to the seaside. We had a good day weather wise, and it was good for the soul to breath in some sea air.

Herne bay bank holiday 

I bought a lovely rose printed scarf and a lavender sachet at the Whitstable harbour market. Could have spent a fortune there!

Herne bay bank holiday (1) 

We spent all our 2ps in the Herne Bay amusements. And had an icecream on the pier.

Oh and I dipped my toes in the sea. It was surprisingly warm! Nothing like the icy waters of Cape Town.

Oh and goodness, did I mention we went to the Hatfield House Country Show. I took my camera and didn't use it much, but I did get this photo of Stu after our helicopter (!!!) ride.

Country show hatfield 

He had (as you can see) a grin from ear to ear :)

Right I must go start supper!