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August 2009

I am desperate....

to declutter. It feels like I only did it last week, but it's possible it was a year ago. How we collect such a load of old crap I don't know!

We are doing a top to bottom declutter and I have a box waiting in the shed to collect what's reasonable enough to do a car boot. What isn't will go in another box to be taken to the dump. I will also be sorting through my stash and thought to make up bags of gear to sell off, you know stuff suitable for kids.

Part of my problem is getting motivated! But once i've started I do get the job done. mmmm I'm also a great procastinator, lol.

Anyway onto the rest of week 1's layouts...

08 wk1 two generations 

And I got so carried away uploading last night, that i've just realised this is the last one :D

I have two from wk 2 scanned which I will share tomorrow and then I had better get cracking on scanning the rest from August.

I have three lime green balls of Rowan kidsilk haze that I couldn't resist when down in Lewis's last Friday, but i'm not sure what to make with them, lol. I am tempted to buy the Rowan Little Luxury Knits book. There is a capelet that takes three balls and a shawl that I think is also three! The wool matches my winter boots perfectly :) Ooh I feel another knitty project coming on. Mum have you finished your kidsilk pashmina?? No, me neither ;) YIKES! Must get on with it so I can use it this winter. Along with my patchwork, throw and shrug. I made a straight one and am now working on one with cuffs. I had the wool, which needed to be used ;)

Okay I must get off the pc. My head is spinning from my day job (man I wish I could win the lottery!) and my knees hurt. Did I mention I fell over AGAIN! Just as the swelling on my right knee was going down, I took a tumble outside the back door. And this time I was wearing a skirt. So I have grazed bruised knees!

I need a zimmer frame!

Till tomorrow.

Grey and Gloomy

Goodness me, the day has turned horrible. And it's such a shame after the lovely weekend we had :(

Today was my lovely friends last day at work, and it was a sad day. My days won't be the same without her. But she lovely her bag so i'm really chuffed.

I still have some August week 1 layouts to share before moving on to the week 2 which sadly wasn't as productive, actually neither was week 3 and this week isn't looking promising. Although I have managed the UKS and sketch challenges.

So here are a few more...

08 wk1 girl from Glasgow 

08 wk1 gram beach 

08 wk1 grumps and rob 

08 wk1 soccer boy 

08 wk1 summer 

A few more left, but that will need to wait till tomorrow.

I'm working on a new crochet pattern. It's slow going because I get carried away and realise 3 rounds along that i've not written down the last 3 rounds and have to go back, lol. Oh dear, my brain is a muddle sometimes.

Right I must go switch the dinner on. We had a cookathon last night so all I need to do tonight is heat up, and the same tomorrow!! Get me all organised, lol.

Till later!

Night off!

Tonight is my night off from cooking and Stuart is making me toad in the hole, one of my favourite meals :)

But even though it's my night off I decided to get tomorrows dinner done. Bit of forward planning means I now don't have to cook tomorrow and at least while Stuart was doing tonights dinner I had some company in the kitchen for a change.

I am on a big mission to shop and plan our meals more economically. We often just buy a load of stuff and then realise that none of it actually goes together, lol. It's a pain in the butt!

So just two layouts to share before I go down to my dinner.

08 wk1 dance 

This layout looked way better in my head! I may need to do something else to it, it kinda went of track.

08 wk1 edinburgh 

And beautiful Edinburgh Castle, viewed over snowy gardens. I love this photo!

Now off to eat.


While the dinner is cooking....

I thought I would upload a few layouts for August week1. I managed 13! Which i've not done for many years :)

My dad a wee boy! Totally LOVE this photo and loved using my 'vintage' papers. I have a box of heritage style papers and embellishments that I delve into every now and again.

08 wk1 baby dad 

This is either my mum or aunt, not sure. But either way the title fits, they are both beautiful :)

08 wk1 beautiful 

And my uncle Robbie. You can't see great detail from the scan as the photo isn't great but it looks like the bottom of his gun holster is held down on his leg with an elastic band which I just find so cute. Don't know why, I just do, lol.

08 wk1 cowboy 

This isn't a layout I did last week, but it shows the holster elastic better. Too sweet :)

11 chall young gun 

I am loving scrapping the old photos at the moment. Maybe because i've not got too much new to scrap. I really need some photos of me. Do you find your albums bursting with photos of everyone else but you?? Got to change that ;)

More later in the week!

I finished Private Practice season 2 on the weekend and HOLY CRAP what a season finale, I was nearly chewing my fingers off. Season 3 premiers in the US on the 1st of October, can't wait!! And Grey's? When on earth does season 6 start? I can't find it!! Crikey, I need to know!

Ooh tonight I start putting gift bag together. I have loved making it. Knowing that it will go to a special lady who has been my friend for nearly two year. But I will miss her :(

Okay Stu is calling me to go sit with him. He doesn't like me being up here and him being downstairs. I love that he wants me near me!


Twisted Sketch 09

08 wk1 Twisted 09 

The twist was to doodle. I saw this style of doodling on one of the examples and it's a technique I have been wanting to try for ages. I love this layout and think it's a great sketch! One for my book.

Which by the way i'm not sure I shared on my blog. As i'm totally into using sketches I needed a place to keep them.

Sketch book  

I've used an almost square sketch pad.

Sketch book (2) 

Sketch book (1) 

I'm only drawing sketches that really inspire me, and ones that match a variety of size and style photos.

I have loads of layouts to share which I will do during the week. But now I have crochet to do. The gift bag is so close to finished :)


It's been a long week!

But it's Friday and Stu and I are planning to have a chilled one, just the two of us. Can't wait.

I've just got one scanned layout to share and it's one I found very theraputic to do.

08 UKS wk 1 

This layout was done using the prompt of a UKS weekly challenge and one of the criteria was:
We've got the thing about letters so, use handwritten / hidden journalling maybe in the form of a letter ( 10 points)

So I thought I would scrap this photo of my Gram in Edinburgh, a city she left many many years ago with my grandfather and their 3 children to start a new live in South Africa.
She passed away in 2005, and I miss her terribly. So my letter was to my Gram. To tell her how much I miss her and how much I would have loved to have visited Edinburgh with her.

Once I sat down to write, and I think this is the toughest bit, it was surprising how easy the words came, and I could have written much more.

I am doing a post on IACW showing a few more examples of scrapping the not so pretty times. And it's a very interesting topic :)

Bag number 2 is growing well. I am loving making it and the lady who it's for found out today she has a job in JLP Welwyn, so she will still be in the partnership. I am so happy for her, but sad too cause i'll really miss her.

Well i'm off to finish a layout and watch some more Private Practice. I'm addicted!!



sketch 08...

07 twisted 08 

Mum, please do shout, but I had to scrap this photo! I love it and I love the very 70's kitchen, lol. That toaster cover is just awesome, lol.

And that's my July scrapping. 14 layouts. It's been ages since I did so many. Gosh and i've done 5 for August already! I'll get to the botom of my photos if I keep going at the rate, lol.

It's the start of another busy week at work. JL go live on the new system so it's going to be a wreck, oh well ;)

haPPy dAy!

Sunny Sunday

At last the sun is shining and I have been able to get some washing out to dry. I've vacuumed downstairs and cleaned the kitchen. I even went to Sainsburys to buy a chicken for tea :) And a tiramisu for pudding, yum yum!

Not done any crafting yet today, maybe when Stu is home and we sit and watch our latest Love Film dvd, will I get cracking on Vals bag. Ooh she is going to be so surprised :D

I have twisted sketch 07 to share today.

07 twisted 07 

I love this sketch and yesterday I used it a few more times :) I love it when a sketch just clicks and it's a great one for those little old pics that just have to be scrapped. I changed it very slightly.

Did you see the lovely comment left on my blog by the lovely Lucy. I adore this ladies blog, really I do. She has so much passion for crochet and it's so lovely to find someone who wants to do it all the time. Like me, except I have to go to work for 8 hours a day, lol.

Right I am going to get my chicken prepared so we can have an early tea and early night. I was up watching Greys and scrapping till gone 2 this morning, Yikes!!


Just a quick one....

before I loose connection again. The rain, yes it's raining again, is playing havoc with my internet. But it's cool cause I have dvds and a thousand photos to scrap and boy am I flying through my stash. You will not believe the cool stuff i'm finding. Stash I bought so long ago that I had completely forgotten about, lol.

Anyway, i've also caught up with my layout scanning so I can share the last of Julys scrapping.

UKS wk 3 and 4 (which I combined with pencil lines sketch 145)

07 UKS july wk 3 

07 UKS july wk 4 and pencil lines 145 

OMG, we had to use precious stash! I now have only two sheets of wild asparagus left. YIKES!

07 linda and george 

This paper matches my uncles tie like it was made to go together! You gotta love the 70's :)

Twisted sketch layouts coming tomorrow (going to put them seperate so I can link back to the twisted blog and not have all my other layouts in the way).

I'm having a crafty weekend. Making the most of my 'me' time. Just ordered a Chinese take out ;) YUMMY

Ooh and I popped into Jolie this morning to stock up on cotton. My cushion is turning into another bag :) It's a gift so I have to keep it quiet!

Anyway dinner is here so I must go!
Till tomorrow!