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I am behind...

with my layout scanning but I do have three layouts to share today.

One UKS challenge, july wk 2

07 UKS july wk 2 

I think I mentioned before, that I am loving scrapping my wedding photos. All the layouts using BG Phoebe papers are for my wedding album. The others will just go in my normal everyday album.

Twisted sketches 05 and 06

07 twisted sketch 05 

07 Twisted sketch 06 

I will scan and upload UKS wk 3 and 4, and Twisted 07 (and hopefully 08) over the weekend.


better late than never!

Here is my finished bag...



I used Rowan handknit cotton with Debbie Bliss cotton DK, which are the same weight and gave me a bigger range of colours, and a size 3.5mm crochet hook. I did try the first two rounds in a 3.5mm and a 4mm just to see the difference. The ball band on both these yarns say 4mm but I wanted it to be quite tight.

I bought 11 balls, all different colours and have little bits left to make some more flowers or coasters, or maybe even a cushion cover.

Lucy has used Debbie Bliss Marino Aran, which she quite rightly says has been discontinued, but the new yarn, Cashmarino, has apparently replaced it. It's yummy and soft but I wanted my bag to be quite hard wearing hence choosing cotton. (Just means I can make another one!)

The pattern is so easy to follow, just remember it's written using American terminology.

Also hanging on the chair is my vintage style shawl. Been promising a photo, but sorry it's not a great one. I will get around to getting Stu to take a photo of me wearing it.

And now we move onto the crochet throw. I am going to throw myself into it in the hope that I can make some really good progress over the next few months.

28th post 

Last Friday I went to Jolie to replenish my cotton supplies. I so love the yummy colours of this throw. The brown and gold remind me of crunchie! I love crunchies, lol.

I am really enjoying to crochet right now. My knitting has been left to the autumn.

But now it's time to go get the dinner finished and sit and relax!


other birthday to me!

My week was fab, I managed to catch up with lots of little tasks and had a lovely morning with the knit and chat ladies. I must admit to doing alot more chat than knit :)

I have two UKS challenges to share, wk 5 of June and July wk 1

07 UKS June wk5 

07 UKS july wk 1 

Twisted sketch 04 (05 is almost complete)

07 twisted sketch 04 

and a layout I did to use my cute easter brads.

07 easter bunny 

Alas my garden is not looking so wonderful right now. I have loads of deadheading to do and i'm anxiously waiting on the next phase of flowering. I have also discovered a gap, where the early summer flowering filled the space it's now a little bare. But I know what I want to fill it with.

Ooh just noticed the time, I must dash if I want a parking close to work, or else I have to walk with all my birthday cakes!


I'm on holiday!

Today I have caught up. And I really needed it :)

I've not got too much to share today, except my new project sneaky peak!

Sneak peak 

Like I really need another project, or hobby ;)

Tomorrow is knit & chat and I am SO looking forward to it. I've not been for ages. I'm taking my throw cause I need some cotton and i've neglected it a little.

Tonight is nails night and :( they have to go. I can't really afford it if I want to buy crafting stuff and really i'd rather the nails go than crafting stash. Oh well.

Speaking of not affording stuff, I need to make some extra cash....any ideas? With minimal cash outlay to start with! TIA

Okay I must dash, i've got things to do :)


I'm not complaining.......

really i'm not! But boy is it hot :) I am totally loving the heat and being out in the garden. It's not so great during the day at work, but we do get to sit out in the garden at lunch so that kind of makes up for being in a hot stuffy office.

I have week 4 UKS challenge...

06 UKS wk4 

and twisted sketch 3 to share today.

06 twisted 03 

I didn't have any soft bling to add so I used some jewels and beads in the centres of my flowers. They are kinda blingy!

I forgot to update on Edinburgh... Well it was such a FAB trip. Danni and I chatted up a storm and we had such a laugh. We met on the train at 8.20am Saturday morning and caught uo with each others goings on for at least half the trip. Then we caught up on family stuff and admired the beautiful scenery from the train. We arrived at 12.30pm and stopped for lunch on route to the hotel. Once booked in we headed back into town to shop, we realised when we got back to the station to leave on Sunday that we did very little or rather NO sight seeing. Saturday evening we spend in Dirty Dicks on Rose Street, which is a MUST visit pub. It was awesome. Check out their single malt whisky collection...

Dirty dicks 

Sunday we headed back to the shops to shop some more, lol. And we both got some lovely goodies including great tote bags from paperchase :)

But all too soon it was home time, but at least we had another 5 hours of chatting time on the train back.

And we did have some sunshine!

Sunny edinburgh 

I must get more photos from Danni.

Anyway now i'm off to make a salad for dinner and maybe open a cold beer :)

Till later!

PS, I have harvest flies in the screen of my laptop. How the hell am I going to get them out?