haPPy hoLIdays!
Golden Brown!

Pure Joy

Knit & Chat yesterday was FAB. It was very busy, with 11 of us all bustled around a little table, and it's so lovely to see what everyone is making and listening to what they're all up to. I may go back tomorrow. Although it's a dangerous place to be! I bought wool and a pattern book for my next project. A crochet triangular shawl....


I just adore this old fashioned style of shawl, and think it will be very practical for late spring afternoons sat outside in the garden. It takes 28 squares and 8 half squares to make. The pattern is quite long so it's not going to be finished in a week, although i'll give it a good shot!

I also bought the final glass jar for my jewellery.


All of these come from Jolie.

A little bit of garden progress now.
My allotment is needing a turn over, it's so full of weeds, but it's such a HUGE task that I am going to do it in stages. However I have weeded the flower beds so now I can keep on top of it. I can't believe how much has come back from last year. This is exactly the type of garden I want.


My sweetpeas are doing well again this year. I have 15 plants, all growing strong. The tall garden pea needs to be planted out or else it will get too stringy. I have two very strong corgette plants, which is how many I had last year and we had a constant crop. I have radish, tomatoes, chillies, carrots and onions and poppys and candy tufts ready to go into bigger pots too. I'm not sure how successfull we are going to be with the avo tree, but it's fun watching the pip grow. As a child I insisted on putting the pip in water but it usually only lasted a week before I got bored and it went in the bin! This one has strong roots and there is a green shoot ready to pop out the top!

And last but not least, here is my London gentlebunny!


lol, although the box and tissue delighted me more! Now what can I use them for ;)

haPPy hUmp dAy!!