The 8th of April...
Pure Joy

haPPy hoLIdays!

Yes i'm on holiday and planning on enjoying a bit of me time. Today i'm off to knit & chat, and I can't wait to go. I just love the shop and the people and of course I get to sit and drool at YUMMY wool for 3 or so hours!

We had a lovely Easter weekend.


I loved doing an easter 'tree' and am a bit loath to take it down but it really can't stay up. Oh and it only fell down once, lol.


We were all very spoilt by the Easter Bunny! Do you see the white box tied up with pink ribbon? That is my egg from Stu, first one in 10 years, but boy did he do well. It's the most awesome bunny i've EVER seen. Will get a pic later today.


Much of the weekend was spent building the shed/chicken house. It's 6'x8' and will be divided so the shed but is 6'x6' and the chickens will have the rest. The run will come off the left hand side and be about 10 feet long. There is still clearing to be done where the run will be. I chopped the old dead plum tree down, it didn't have one blossom/leaf this year :( but in the process I wrecked the washing line, oops. So yesterday we went to B&Q for a new one. I opted for the one that fits on the wall, and although it's only got two 'triangles' to hang washing on, at least when it's not in use I can pack it away and it's not in the middle of the side lawn!

I also managed quite a bit of crochet, the update is on the 26th of May over at creative world, so be sure to check back.

But now if I don't get a move on i'll be late for knit & chat!!