Pure Joy
And so it comes to an end

Golden Brown!

I've woken up this morning a lovely golden brown, after spending yesterday afternoon baking in the sun. It was glorious!!

Garden hols (1) 

Today is a bit poop, so i'm glad I made the most of yesterday. The garden is also looking so cool with all the new plants coming up, it's full and green, so fresh looking.

Garden hols (2) 

And do you see how nicely the hedge is growing?? Although the plant closest to me in the pic above is NOT in line with the others.....i think it may have to come out!

I also had company in the form of a odd looking flying thing...

Garden hols 

I've never seen anything quite like it. He was bee like in that he hovered when flying, and I certainly hope that probiscus (sp) is for sucking nectar rather than blood!

I feel very guilty for buying that wool and pattern book on Tuesday because I have 3 projects on the go already and started this new one the second I got home. So yesterday I made a bit effort to get moving on my alpaca shawl. Although it's a winter thing I really can't leave it unfinished all summer. It's a quick knit so i'm planning on taking the rest of the weekend to finish it. Each 'pattern' is 12 rows long and each ball makes 4 patterns, so 48 rows a ball. I am on ball 5 and have 4 left. It's do-able.

I think i'm off to knit & chat again this morning, so I had better get ready to go :) This afternoon I will scrap, I have some new dvds and a couple of episodes of private practice to watch. Must see if I like it before getting the whole lot :)

For now....ciao!