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Shed building :)

It's a hard job, I tell you!

13 04 09 

13 04 09 (1) 

13 04 09 (2) 

This is where we left it on Easter Monday. The base and frame were the real tough bits. I had little to do with the building to this point. I was weeding.

25 04 09 (2) 

25 04 09 (3) 

25 04 09 (5) 

And this is how is stands now. It needs doors, the inside divided into shed/chicken house, the roosting boxes and a coat of darker stain. At the moment it's very golden and stands out against the back drop. With a darker colour it'll blend in. Oh and of course the interior must be decorated :) I had the painting job!

I had a day off yesterday :) Of course my morning was spent at knit & chat where I completed a square of my new crochet project and started another which I finished off last night. It's an easy pattern but as i'm just getting used to it, it's slow going. I know it'll get quicker, i'm just not sure how i'm going to cope with one colour. I think that's why the shawl, which is finished by the way, took so long. It's a bit boring.

In the afternoon, I did a bit of weeding and planting out my seedlings. They are all still on the window sills in the kitchen and dining room, because my greenhouse is jam packed with pots and of course it's all torn, so no use as a greenhouse anyway.

But no it's time to get myself off to work for another day at the grind stone. Maybe i'll win the Euro millions on Friday. have you bought your ticket? You have to be in it to win it!!


Another busy week

Seems to be the story of my life!

The 'last' day of my holidays was lovely. I spent the morning at Hitchin market and managed to bag a few bargains. My most favourite, whch i've not photographed yet is a Royal Doulton red rose hat pin. or at least I think it's a hat pin. It's so delicate and pretty.
I spent the afternoon sewing! You'll need to wait to see what :)

Then on Saturday Stu whisked me off to Southampton for the night. I finally got to visit family friends who have been in the UK for just over a year. It was so awesome to catch up, as i've missed them terribly. But in true slack scrapper style, I didn't get one photo :(

On Sunday we stopped at Weald & Downland Open Air museum.

S hampton april 09 (5) 

It is such an interesting place, and the grounds are just lovely for a whole day out. We spent about 4 hours walking around, but I really could have spent the day and scheduled to listen to the talks that they give at random houses through the day.

S hampton april 09 (8) 

And this week has been a whirlwind of meetings, trying to catch up from my week off and training one of our team to take on some of our workload. This will be a HUGE help to us!

I've booked next Tuesday off to go to knit & chat, and I hope the weather is good so I can spend the afternoon in the garden!

Oops, just noticed the time and it's getting late, I must dash!

And so it comes to an end

My week off that is. It's been a lovely week and I really have done me things. I was meant to finish off the kitchen and my bedroom, but they have both been left for another day. This week was about me and doing what I wanted to totally chill. And I think I achieved that.

Knit and chat yesterday was fab. Totally different crowd of people but all really lovely :) I took my alpaca shawl to do and managed a big chunk. I am now on ball 6, although I only put it on just before bed last night. Tonight Stu is out with the boys so I will knit and watch some of my new dvds. I've got to get it finished so I can start the next one, lol.

I have 3 layouts to share today. All are UKS weekly challenges, and i'm chuffed to bits at having managed all 3 so far this month, although the first layout is actually March week 5, but falls into April so it will count as April points. 

04 UKS1 

04 UKS2  

04 UKS3 

(layout scraplifted from the lovely Jakey, link on the left!)

This morning I am off to Hitchin market. It's old stuff day and i've not been for so long. It's a bit wet but never mind.

And this weekend, who knows? I had best go see what the weather forcast is and make some plans :)


Golden Brown!

I've woken up this morning a lovely golden brown, after spending yesterday afternoon baking in the sun. It was glorious!!

Garden hols (1) 

Today is a bit poop, so i'm glad I made the most of yesterday. The garden is also looking so cool with all the new plants coming up, it's full and green, so fresh looking.

Garden hols (2) 

And do you see how nicely the hedge is growing?? Although the plant closest to me in the pic above is NOT in line with the others.....i think it may have to come out!

I also had company in the form of a odd looking flying thing...

Garden hols 

I've never seen anything quite like it. He was bee like in that he hovered when flying, and I certainly hope that probiscus (sp) is for sucking nectar rather than blood!

I feel very guilty for buying that wool and pattern book on Tuesday because I have 3 projects on the go already and started this new one the second I got home. So yesterday I made a bit effort to get moving on my alpaca shawl. Although it's a winter thing I really can't leave it unfinished all summer. It's a quick knit so i'm planning on taking the rest of the weekend to finish it. Each 'pattern' is 12 rows long and each ball makes 4 patterns, so 48 rows a ball. I am on ball 5 and have 4 left. It's do-able.

I think i'm off to knit & chat again this morning, so I had better get ready to go :) This afternoon I will scrap, I have some new dvds and a couple of episodes of private practice to watch. Must see if I like it before getting the whole lot :)

For now....ciao!

Pure Joy

Knit & Chat yesterday was FAB. It was very busy, with 11 of us all bustled around a little table, and it's so lovely to see what everyone is making and listening to what they're all up to. I may go back tomorrow. Although it's a dangerous place to be! I bought wool and a pattern book for my next project. A crochet triangular shawl....


I just adore this old fashioned style of shawl, and think it will be very practical for late spring afternoons sat outside in the garden. It takes 28 squares and 8 half squares to make. The pattern is quite long so it's not going to be finished in a week, although i'll give it a good shot!

I also bought the final glass jar for my jewellery.


All of these come from Jolie.

A little bit of garden progress now.
My allotment is needing a turn over, it's so full of weeds, but it's such a HUGE task that I am going to do it in stages. However I have weeded the flower beds so now I can keep on top of it. I can't believe how much has come back from last year. This is exactly the type of garden I want.


My sweetpeas are doing well again this year. I have 15 plants, all growing strong. The tall garden pea needs to be planted out or else it will get too stringy. I have two very strong corgette plants, which is how many I had last year and we had a constant crop. I have radish, tomatoes, chillies, carrots and onions and poppys and candy tufts ready to go into bigger pots too. I'm not sure how successfull we are going to be with the avo tree, but it's fun watching the pip grow. As a child I insisted on putting the pip in water but it usually only lasted a week before I got bored and it went in the bin! This one has strong roots and there is a green shoot ready to pop out the top!

And last but not least, here is my London gentlebunny!


lol, although the box and tissue delighted me more! Now what can I use them for ;)

haPPy hUmp dAy!!

haPPy hoLIdays!

Yes i'm on holiday and planning on enjoying a bit of me time. Today i'm off to knit & chat, and I can't wait to go. I just love the shop and the people and of course I get to sit and drool at YUMMY wool for 3 or so hours!

We had a lovely Easter weekend.


I loved doing an easter 'tree' and am a bit loath to take it down but it really can't stay up. Oh and it only fell down once, lol.


We were all very spoilt by the Easter Bunny! Do you see the white box tied up with pink ribbon? That is my egg from Stu, first one in 10 years, but boy did he do well. It's the most awesome bunny i've EVER seen. Will get a pic later today.


Much of the weekend was spent building the shed/chicken house. It's 6'x8' and will be divided so the shed but is 6'x6' and the chickens will have the rest. The run will come off the left hand side and be about 10 feet long. There is still clearing to be done where the run will be. I chopped the old dead plum tree down, it didn't have one blossom/leaf this year :( but in the process I wrecked the washing line, oops. So yesterday we went to B&Q for a new one. I opted for the one that fits on the wall, and although it's only got two 'triangles' to hang washing on, at least when it's not in use I can pack it away and it's not in the middle of the side lawn!

I also managed quite a bit of crochet, the update is on the 26th of May over at creative world, so be sure to check back.

But now if I don't get a move on i'll be late for knit & chat!!

The 8th of April...

and another week, since my last post, has flown by in a blur. As I blog hop it seems to be a common thread. No one has time anymore. I wonder if it's because we are busier in our 'off line' lives or our 'on line' lives?

I sit down at my laptop and start a long process of 'checking' my 'stuff'.
It's a creative world forum (just a little place we hang out to discuss projects and keep our schedule),
UKS team chat,
Hotmail (x2 accounts),
yahoo mail,
IACW blog,
my blog (what the hell am I checking it for?? Maybe I super powered a post when I wasn't looking?!?!?),
Attic24 (cause it's a super cool blog and I must check it daily),
Dianas Space (even though she's not updated since December!)

And then an hour or so has passed that I don't have time to update my blog, I need to get on with preparing dinner, putting a load of washing in, having a shower and trying to relax before bed and the whole cycle of daily life starts again!

Do we spread ourselves a little thin? I think so.

Anyway onto today and I am at home waiting on the delivery of my new chest of drawers. This (below) is the old set...


Edited, 2nd time to add a photo of the new drawers! OH MY GOD, they are amazing. Better than I expected and massive!


The coffee cup is there to help gauge the size, lol.

It's now in the spare room, and will serve as a place for guests to unpack when they stay. I will probably use the bottom drawer to store the spare set of linen for this room. Gets it out my space!

The new chest is due in 35 minutes, as it's 8.25 as I type this sentance.

This new chest of drawers is part of my 'decluttered', 'simple' bedroom scheme. And I am well on my way to getting rid of stuff no longer needed. Actually i'm sure most of it was never really needed, more like wanted without reason, lol.

I have done one measley layout so far this month and it's not even scanned to share. Tonight after i've finished packing my new drawers!!

I've decided i'm going to try take a photo of the garden on the 5th of each month to see how it changes over the year. I started in March, so have two photos so far. These will go in my garden journal.

5th March 2009

05 03 09 

5th April 2009

05 04 09 

I'm also taking close ups of each bed.

My veggies are growing well! Will take some photos to share.

And right now I must go pace till the delivry guys arrive. I'm too excited!

edited to add, THEY'RE EARLY, IT'S HERE!! Well they're bringing it in now (it's 8.43!)