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well it's not the morning, but i'm here to update on a pretty manic week.

Work is still hectic, and to be honest not a great place to be. We're really battling to keep up. The phone rings constantly and it's horrid. I know taking a day off doesn't help much but it keeps me sane, so there!

I went to knit and chat this morning. It was quiet and lovely and I bought myself a glass trinket jar and a glass dish to keep my jewellery in, on the new chest of drawers. Can't wait till they phone to say it's ready! I also topped up my cotton....and almost completed 2 squares.


One of the ladies at knit and chat is also making a throw in similar colours. So lovely!

I have three more March layouts to share...

03 day out at the beach gram 

03 dillan 

03 family lives 

I've re-discovered paper tearing! Such fun :)

That brings my layout total to 18 SLOs, 2 of which were full points challenge layouts, so 240 points for me this month. I had hoped to do March week 5 challenge this afternoon, but i'm running out of time so maybe tomorrow night :)

Today over at IACW we have a card sketch challenge, and a RAK giveaway for one lucky reader! Ooh and our little creative family is growing and we've introduced our latest member!! Pop on over and see!

And last but certainly not least, today is our 2 year wedding anniversary. I can't believe it's gone so fast and it's two years since my sisters were here. I miss them SO much! Thank you to everyone who left messages on facebook :wub:

And that's it from me. I must go downstairs and unpack the dishwasher and get supper started.
Till tomorrow!

The Sun....

is finally shining down on us and yesterday we took advantage and sat outside having a bbq. It did get quite cold when the sun when down so we had to come in but just enjoying the time out in the garden was lovely and of course getting some of the summer decor out was cool too!


We also had a visit from this little lady and her dad...


She buzzed around the garden at a speed and made photographing her a near impossibility. I think this is the most decent shot I got! She also picked daisies out the lawn and helped me hang the washing. Great little helper!

It was a day of excitment and the hightlight of Stuarts day was collecting his new motor bike...


He traded the Honda Fireblade in for a Yamaha R1.

We also went to order our new chest of drawers for the bedroom. I can't wait till it arrives! My bonus is paid on Wednesday and i'll transfer the money to Stu as he paid it in full yesterday. We've decided to put the old drawers in the spare room. The kids leave a few things at our house and it will be good to get it packed away.

I had an early morning visit to Jolie in Walkern to pick up cotton! I do love that shop, lol. There was a beginners crochet class on and they were very inspired by my crochet.

Last week at work was a HOG! Well most of it was. This new system doesn't work for us, mainly because no one bothered to find out what we needed first! We've had one disaster after another and i'm so dissapointed that our suppliers are being let down. I've been dealing with queries that are not my job, mainly because I only have time to do MY job and because I don't have access to bits of the system that accounts payable have. But they have been bogged down too, so we're all doing our bit to help.
But we did have a little release from the horror, in the shape of a SILLY SALE! I filled up one big and one small bag and got some mega bargains. Basically you pay £15 for a large bag and you literally fill it with as much as possible. I got 2 table runners, 16 place mats (2 different colours) , 2 large glass storage jars, a emma bridgewater spotty biscuit tin, laundy bag, 2 packs of wrapping paper, tote socks (2 pairs), an oven mit, an urban graphic calendar (with awesome quotes!), a pack of wooden heart decorations and a chip spoon (you know the flat one with holes). The table mats alone retail at £4, so it's well worth the rummage. All proceeds go to charity :)

My kitchen flowers were looking a little drab yesterday so I took a walk to the apple trees to pick daffs. There are hundreds!


I must add that it was Stuarts idea. I would have just bought a bunch in Sainsbury's!

And today promises to be another sunny day so I have some wasing out and i'm going to mow the lawn :)

Oh and crochet too. I'll share the project soon!

Bye for now!!


.. you need to scrap memories or events from the past that may not be nice but they are part of your history. Part of where you come from.

My mum took this photo in Darling, Western Cape, November 2008. I am so surprised that it's even still up.

03 old SA 

I was born in South Africa in 1975, in the apartheid era. I went to a whites only school, and travelled whites only buses. It's all I knew until 1990 when Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Things changed. I don't know if i'll ever journal my thoughts, feelings and experiences of apartheid. But this photo is a stark reminder of that time. And one that I feel needed to be recorded. Nice or not, it's my history.

Here's to the future.

It's garden time

..on IACW today.

On Sunday I planted seeds into take away containers, that are now sitting on a window sill in the sunshine! I read the idea in the counrty living magazine and as I had a pile of containers I thought i'd give it a try! My poor greenhouse is such a wreck that I can't use anymore.


You need to pierce holes in the bottom and soak the soil thoroughly with water. Sow your seeds and pop the lids on. The article said not to water again until the lids come off, which is as soon as you see the little seedlings pop out the soil. Then use the lids as trays and water as normal.

Here is a photo of the veggie patch pre tidy up....

17 03 09 (2) 

The clearing behind it is where the chickens will go :)

17 03 09 

And here is a before shot of the back garden. I can't wait until it's alive with colour!


Full of the cold

Again! I feel poop!

I spent yesterday, either curled up on the sofa with my crochet or curled up in bed asleep! But inbetween I did manage to bake this YUMMY chocolate cake...


I think I may have overdone the caramel filling, but boy is it delish!

It's my turn to post on IACW and i've shared my crochet coasters.


The colours are awesome and I can't wait to get the garden decor out and start enjoying the sunshine.

I've got two layouts to share today too. Both done on the 4th March.

03 callum  

I really have loved these Prima papers!

03 cousins 

Today I am home alone again. Stu and the kids are at rugby and as I was feeling so YUCK I opted to stay at home. The sun is shining and I'm going to attempt drying all the washing on the line. I also plan to get plenty of rest and fluid, and maybe scrap a little. I have a few layouts in my head.

If I felt better I would be out in the garden cutting back and tidying some more. But I don't think it's a good idea, considering the amount of YUCK streaming out my nose. TMI?? Sorry! lol.

This past week of work has been so flippin hard. I really feel drained, which is possibly why i've come down with this cold again. I have so much toil stored up that maybe a few half days will sort me out.

Ooh and bonus this year is 13%! Nothing like last years 20%!! But it works out to about 7 weeks pay which is FAB! This will pay for our new chest of drawers, a few sets of bed linen, some towels and a few new items of clothes for me. The rest will go into the holiday fund!

But now I must go blow my nose (sorry!) and craft a little.


This is what time is doing at the moment. It's flying by!

Phew, i'm really tired and my brain is drained. Work is still hectic and the number of queries we're getting is just unbelievable. My colleague is on holiday this week, so i've been taking them all and battling to keep up.
I also had a forum meeting today which was a big chunk of work time taken up. It's a real important part of the partnership but the timing sometimes isn't ideal.

Ooh but big excitement is in the air, cause tomorrow is BONUS announcement!!

On Saturday I went down to Welwyn John Lewis to buy some more cotton glace. I bought 5 balls of the most amazing summer colours. Started on a project that i'll share soon ;)

And I also bought a bag! **BLUSH** I really didn't need it but with 20% (matching Debenhams bag offer) and my partnership discount it had to be done. It's this one and she's GORGEOUS!!

Saturday afternoon was spent in the garden. I cleared beds and repotted my herbs.

Then Saturday night we went out for a curry, which was delish. I love hot food, but always get acid indigestion if it's too hot. And those hot sauces effect me the worst. But I had no problem on Saturday. Maybe because it's fresh. My lamb pasanda was out of this world :)

On Sunday I hit the garden again, and cleared the bed by the front door. It's the bed I really dislike, as it's very wet, and mossy and doesn't get much sun, but I am determined to make it pretty this year with the help of the Wyvale garden centre.
I also cut back the bushy tree thing growing in a bed in the middle of the front lawn. Why do people do that? I'm very much a 'flower beds on the edge' kind of gal!
I even managed to get washing hung out the line, until this happened.....


That is hail and boy did it come down. But can you see the bright sunshine that followed and melted it all. What odd weather!

And that in a nut shell was my weekend.

Till later!

It's the WEEKEND!!

Woo hoo!

Well I survived a very long and tiring week. The new system hasn't been a huge bother to our section, but then we don't use it as part of our job. We only need the interface to work, so all our work goes over to the new system each day. So far so good!
But as I said that's our little side of it. The rest of the office is in a HUGE mess :( Poor things.

I've been keeping an eye on the weekend weather and hoping to get out to finish off my cleaning up and get my seeds in trays. I have a window sill in the sun all ready and waiting. I also need to clear out my broken greenhouse and hopefully get a replacement.

Oh and I am on mission bedroom declutter too! Got to get Stuart involved ;)

Here are the rest of my weekends layouts...

03 karate kid 

03 swim 

03 February 09 

(I also did a card but didn't take a photo.)

And I have another two completed and one in progress from Wednesday evening.

All in all quite a successful week! But now it's time to kick back and relax. It is Friday night after all :)

haPPy wEEKend y'all!!

haPPy hUmp dAy!

Today was my turn to post on IACW, and I did a layout class.

03 you wonderful 2 

I love this photo of Mad{Di} and Wild Roze. Even though I don't know Roz, but will hopefully meet her one day, I know that I wanted her in my album. These two have a special bond and it needs to be recorded.
I also had a USE YOUR STASH drive and managed to finish off a sheet of rub ons i've had for yonks. Obviously there is still a mountain of stash left but every little bit counts.

I am home alone for a few hours later tonight. Stuart is off to his brother with another friend, to build model helicopters. I will be crafting. As i'm on a scrapping mission I think that might be what I do to fill my evening :)

Work is a right b*tch at the moment. I feel like my brain is ready to fountain out the top of my head. I used to be able to switch off the second I walked through the main gate at night but now I ponder and try keep all the info in neat orderly piles so I can resume the following morning. It's poop :(

I'm knitting and crocheting up a storm! I have two yummy projects on the go, and will share progress photos soon. This is my watching TV crafting. I can't sit and do nothing and I don't like to sit in my craft room all night as I want to spend time with Stuart.

I am BADLY behind on my decluttering. You know the little mission I was on to simplify and bring order back into my life. It's all going horribly wrong!

Must focus!!

I took a tour of my garden when I got home tonight, and it is so lovely to see all the green shoots poking their little heads out the soil. I am getting so excited for the spring/summer gardening, and getting a load of sunshine D! I love the process :)

But for now it's Ciao! I must get crafting!