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February 2009

Goodness me...

I can't believe February is almost over. And we enter the third month of 2009!

February has been a dull month, it's been cold and dark and i'm glad it's over. I think Feb is my worst month of the year, even worse than January.

But I did manage quite a bit of scrapping...

02 gram 

02 gram, mum and lin 

(above layouts are title and dateless cause I haven't got either!)

02 Liam at 5 months 

(uks cyber crop class layout)

My kitchen still stinks. Work is still hectic. New system is live on Monday, if it works and no one knows what they are doing. I'm feeling a little detached, actually a lot. I don't fit into my life anymore. Do you think I need a change? A big one or just a little one? But....Yay, it's the weekend!

haPPy dAy!!

Oh what a night...

last night I had a little disaster! I burnt dinner, and when I say burnt, I don't just meant slightly singed, I mean stick to the pot plack charred burnt! I had to throw it all out and the pot, as we speak is sitting outside the back door, cause I can't face cleaning it.

I will try save it but right now my thoughts are to chuck it, lol. Oh dear. And the lesson learn't is to not get distracted while cooking a curry!

Today we had the first lot of successful training for the go live of our new payment system on Monday. We had a lovely trainer and the system actually worked, which was a bonus!

I also had a lunch time trip with my colleague Val. We popped to the old town to go look in a lovely little shop that sells the most unusual clothes and jewelery. I bought a pair of black rose earings and a wooden chunky bangle. Of couse it was also a treat to get away from work for an hour :)

And now a few February layouts...

02 caz in bath 

02 girls with damps 

02 golden couple 


haPPy hUmp dAy!

Yay, it's Wednesday, half way through the week and it's pay day!!

Today i'm sharing my knitting projects for the last few weeks. Firstly my cocoon shawl...


knitted on 7 needles with 6 balls of wool.

And my kidsilk haze scarf...


knitted double strand, 2 balls and using size 10 needles. This was so quick and ideal for a gift when you've only left yourself a few days to make it!

Yesterday my ScrapRoom kit arrived. The papers this month are just gorgeous! I especially love the Prima and Basic Grey papers! Can't wait to use them.

haPPy dAy!!

So much

going on right now. Work, home, creating.....

Here is the last January layout...

01 snow day 

And here is little look at my cotton crochet squares. I made a start last night, and just love the colour combination. I had thought of using the squares for outside cushion covers but now i'm not so sure :)


Ooh and my shawl has come up beautiful after being washed. I must remember to get a photo.

haPPy tuESday!!

told you i'd be back soon, lol

A few more January layouts.....

01 new years day 

01 here come the girls 

(the top layout has 2008 on and I have since fixed that)

Today on IACW it's theme day and todays theme is SIMPLE. I always find life a bit too fast and am taking drastic measures to slow it down, and to get back to basics and keep it simple. And to kick start this I am starting in the bedroom. I want to create a space that is restfull (and hopefully this will also aid my current sleepless state!), and calm.

Each week for the next two months I will be doing something to achieve this goal. And this weeks task is to declutter the wardrobes! If it can't/won't/shouldn't be worn it must go :)

I will have photographic evidence! Be sure to check back.

And I will be a better blogger, promise.


2009 blogging has not got off to a good start! Maybe it's because i've been busy doing other things ;)

So to start, here are a few January layouts....

01 holiday memories 

01 playing the fool 

01 merry christmas 

01 family xmas 

I loved using my ScrapRoom Christmas kit! And I do really love these Christmas photos.

More Jan layouts tomorrow!

I've been knitting up a storm and even managed a shawl that had a pattern. I am more of a plain knit girl, but thought I would give it a try and was impressed with myself. It's been washed and is drying right now, hence no photo but I will share!
The pattern is from the Rowan cocoon book in Lavender Ice, and it's really easy.
After knit and Chat at Jolie last Tuesday I bought two balls of kidsilk haze and made a quick (like two nights and size 10 needles quick) scarf :)
Stuart also got a scarf made from 3 balls of wool that I had laying around. It's chunky and was super quick to knit on big fat needles.

I'm still trying to find that internet/cooking/housework/relaxing/work balance but working on it, so hopefully I will see a result soon.

Upcoming projects......Mum bought over on her last trip some Rowan cotton glace, and I am planning some crochet cushions for the outside plastic furniture. I want to add some colour to the garden and I always feel that I need something soft to sit on out there!!
Of course as the weather improves I know that I need to give the garden my full attention. Yesterday Stuart and I did a mamoth tidy up and cleared a space for the chickens. He is going to build them a house and then fence it into a run for them. He is also going to extend my veg patch which will be lovely!

But for now I am nursing aching leg muscles so I will say ciao till tomorrow!